If you want to create a unique and quirky garden to enhance your outdoor living, you’re in the right place. There are so many amazing, quirky things you can do with your garden. So we’re going to give you some ideas in this guide.

Outdoor living is so important for mental health, physical health and relaxation. However, it’s fun to do things differently ti suit your personalty. So a quirky garden could be right up your garden path, so to speak.

Upcycle Items From Around The House

Have a look around your house, or even in thrift stores and see if there’s anything you can upcycle. You can get seriously creative with many items and add some unique pieces to your garden. You could upcycle bean cans, spray painting them and adding lights inside. Hang them on your trees! Grow flowers in unusual places, such as in old wellington boots or an old suitcase. You could even make your own bird bath out of things you find around the house, such as plant pots you’re no longer using and interesting bowls. Get creative and have fun with your quirky garden! 

Add Mirrors 

Adding mirrors to your garden can have a similar effect as adding mirrors in your home decor. It can make your garden look far larger, as well as adding interest. A well placed mirror in the garden can be transformative, reflect light to any shady spots, and increase your sense of space. Try it and you’ll be surprised at how great it can look! 

Paint A Mural 

Do you consider yourself a creative person? See if you can get artsy and paint a mural in your garden. You could do this on a fence, a wall, or anywhere else you see fit. All you need is a blank surface and you can use your chosen medium to have fun. Paint flowers, or a beautiful beach scene. Use your imagination! 

Make A Statement 

Don’t be afraid to make a statement in your quirky garden with some of the pieces that you add. You can find some awesome garden statues out there that could enhance your garden to no end and help you to show off your style. If you’d rather, consider adding a water feature. Water features are ideal for a relaxing space due to the look and sound of the water! 

Add Some Whimsy

You can add a whimsical feel to your garden with things like string lights, wind chimes, and fairy doors on tree stumps. This can be a lot of fun if you have kids, too. 

Don’t Forget To Create Interest With Layers 

Create interest in your garden with layers. Layer up your plant pots, flowers, and other things in your quirky garden to keep it interesting and stop it from looking one dimensional. 

Use Different Colors and Scents 

Pay attention to the colors of the flowers you use, as well as the scents that they give off. A quirky garden should always include plenty of color, and a gorgeous floral scent can really finish things off. All you have to do then is kick back and relax in a comfortable chair! 

How are you going to create a quirky garden?