Putting down roots can be difficult. Many of us move around a fair bit during our early adult years. We move away to college or university, followed by student houses and apartment shares shortly after.

Later on, you might move out alone or with a partner until eventually scouring sites like Bloomdale and deciding on a place that we want to stay in for the foreseeable future.

It’s this property that you want to make ‘home’, you want to be putting down roots and transforming it into a place where you genuinely love spending time.

But what exactly can you do to make four walls and a roof feel like the most cosy and comfortable place in the world? Here are some ideas. 

Putting Down Roots: Redecorate

In some cases, redecorating will be a must- if you’ve moved into a fixer upper or something that’s a little worse for wear inside then you’ll need to do it up just to make it livable.

However, even if you move into a new home and it’s already nice inside it’s good to put your own stamp on it. Maybe you have a blank canvas which needs some personality added.

putting down roots

Perhaps the previous owner or tenant has left wallpaper and flooring which isn’t really your style. Paint it in a shade that you love, add some wallpaper chosen by you, incorporate pops of your favourite colour and make your decor personal.

Display your photos and travel souvenirs, dot around plants that you find interesting and generally bring ‘you’ and your life to the space.

So many of us are caught up with the idea that our homes should look like Pinterest/ Insta-worthy show homes that we forget to bring in our own unique touches

Putting Down Roots: Create ambiance

Once you have the decor right, the next step is to consider the ambiance. Add home fragrances in your favourite scents so that every time you walk through the door, it feels like home.

Get the lighting right, smart bulbs allow you to tailor the light depending on what you’re doing- from bright task lighting to a dim, cosy relaxed glow.

putting down roots
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Get the temperature right too, a ceiling fan light helps to keep the place cool and airy in summer and a roaring fire can add a comforting charm over the winter months. 

Putin Down Roots: Get a pet

You shouldn’t get a pet on a whim, but if you’ve thought about it carefully then an animal can most definitely make a house feel more like home.

putting down roots

Coming back home to a cat or dog can feel really welcoming, and they can bring so much joy to your life in general. 

Putting Down Roots: Make memories

Finally, it can take a while for a house to feel like home because it’s so unfamiliar. So make memories, invite friends over for barbeques, dinner parties, games and movie nights.

putting down roots

Arrange fun date nights at home with your partner and generally make some good memories. You’ll soon fill those four walls with love and happiness.