Property maintenance is a little like body maintenance. As we get older, things may take a little longer. But consistency and safety are the key for a healthier body… and a healthier home.

Often, as we get a little older, strenuous physical activities and property maintenance can be harder to complete. Of course, it’s entirely possible to scale down our workouts. However, when it comes to the home, there are still things that need to be done.

Luckily, I have some advice on the options that are available to you in that situation.

Property Maintenance: Keeping Up The Garden

First of all, let’s take a look at the garden. This is something that can be very physical and strenuous to take care of with all that weeding, mowing, planting, and pruning.

Of course, the style and type of garden you pick as you get older will depend on how much of a priority outdoor work is to you. In fact, some folks thrive on it. And although they want things to be a little easier, they still wish to spend as much time as they can outside.

Happily, this is a balance that isn’t too difficult to achieve. There are several things you can do to minimise the heavy work, but still enjoy your outdoor space.

These include swapping a large lawn out for something like decking that is easy to keep clear and clean. You can also install raised beds for your plants and veg. This minimises all the bending but still allows you to grow your favourite plants.

Unless you budget for a regular gardener, it may  be worthwhile removing any large trees and bushes that take intensive maintenance to upkeep.

Property Maintenance: Internal Cleaning

When it comes to keeping the inside of your home clean and attractive, it can be tough as we get older. After all, it’s a fair bit of work to clean, dust, wash, and polish each area every week.

Of course, there are several alternatives to this that you may wish to consider. The first is looking at something like these Granny Flats for Sale that can help you to downsize and so alleviate the burden of cleaning a larger property.

Then, there is the option of paying someone to come in each week and do the cleaning for you. This option will allow you to stay where you are and enjoy your leisure time rather than spending it cleaning.

property maintenance

Alternatively, you may even wish to invest in some tech like a robot vacuum that can do a lot of the cleaning for you automatically.

Something that can help cut down the amount of work you will have to do, and so make everything much more manageable when it comes to keeping the interior of your property clean.

Property Maintenance: Sustainable, Organic and Healthy

Not just for older people, organic cleaning products and paints, essential oils, and fresh food are very good for ageing immune systems, lungs, skin and joints.

If you haven’t thought about using chemical-free cleaning products then now is a great time to start. Often local craft markets will have a stall selling home-made cleaning products that contain natural ingredients. And they work. Or check our Probiotic Solutions or Koh organic cleaners to which you can add essential oils.

property maintenance

Your home will be clean AND smelling delicious.

Similarly, grow your own fresh fruit, vegs ad herbs to ensure you have lots of chemical-free foods in your diet. As I mentioned above, raised garden beds stop all the bending common to gardening. Or grow herbs on your windowsill or patio.

Property Maintenance: Working on the Roof

Sometimes as the years’ progress, we get a little less stable on our feet, and our eyesight can get a little worse. Of course, this isn’t the end of the world, but it does mean maintenance tasks we previously found easy are harder. For example, hopping up on the roof to put up Xmas lights or repair a tile can be a little more dangerous than they once were.

property maintenance

In fact, roof work is one of those jobs that it is often wise to delegate to someone else as we progress in years. If you want to take care of your property effectively and safely as you get older, learn good habits now.

Whilst age is only a number, sometimes our joints and muscles tell us differently.