When you want to look after the people who are closest to you throughout the years, it is important to truly to think about all things they did for you when they were in their prime.

Our parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents all spent a lot of time and effort to make us happy. They made sure we were healthy when we were young, and eventually it becomes our turn to do the same for them.

Today, we are looking at some of the ways you can prepare to look after your older relatives this year.

Make their home safer

One of the first things you can do for an older relative to make their lives a little easier is to make their home safer.

older relative

As people grow older they will often struggle to use their legs and hands as they used to. This can make every day activities such as turning taps and walking up the stairs a lot more difficult.

To make things easier for them, install special recliner chairs, stair lifts and rails which will allow them to navigate their own home with relative ease.

Spend time with them

One of the best things you can do for your loved ones as they grow older and more frail is to spend some time with them.

older relative

Our relatives are precious to us and it is so important that we spend as much time with them as we can.

It is also a fact that spending more time with family can help you live for longer. So there is no better excuse to get out there and go for a coffee.

Make sure they have checkups

When people get a little older it can be easy for them to drop the ball with their health. Your older relatives might not make the effort to make checkups at their doctor’s now and again.

older relative

It is Important for everyone to have a health checkup now and again and you can make sure that they do this by making an appointment and taking them there.

It will allow any issues to be diagnosed and treated and will keep them healthy and strong for longer.

Suggest alternative living

If your relative isn’t quite able to live in their home without some assistance but they still want some independence, you can make this happen with an assisted living village such as https://yukana.org.au/.

older relative

Locations like this will provide a place for your older relative to life alongside other people their age and they will have access to care 24/7 if they need it.

You can rest easy knowing that they are safe and this can make a big impact on you and on them.

Give them some independence

Even if your relative does have to move to a new home, make sure they can take home comforts with them.

older relative

Their favourite chair, a sketchbook to draw in or anything else they love… allowing them to live a happier life even when they struggle to look after themselves is essential.