A lovely reading corner in your garden will provide relaxation and tranquility when life gets tough. Perfect for the warmer weather, you may even find a reading corner you can use when it’s chillier too.

It’s nice to use our gardens whenever we can. From growing root vegetables in the winter to flowers for the spring, gardens help us to thrive. And in such uncertain COVID times, a relaxing and lovely reading corner is a beautiful space in which to wind down.

Sitting down in your garden with a calming beverage or new interior design magazine is be ideal. But how can you prepare the best reading corner to enjoy for as many months as possible? Let’s consider that, below:

A Reading Corner Is All About Location

Sure, you may have limited garden space. However, finding the right space to read can be wonderful. For instance, a chair on your porch overlooking the garden can be all you need. Especially if it means the sun won’t be in your eyes during that gorgeous sunset you hope to watch while reading.

Or, perhaps you really want to get away, near the end of your garden overlooking the field in the back. Placing a chair here could be a calming reading corner. Some people enjoy sitting near their garden table. Or even in the outhouse they have curated to be a little home away from home. Don’t be afraid to find ‘your spot’ that you adore and make as nice as possible to occupy in the garden. Even if that means reorienting your furniture a little.

Find All Your Little Trimmings

It’s good to prepare all the little trimmings you may need for a relaxing reading corner. These indulgences can make or break your experience. For instance, a beautiful flask of warm coffee or tea can be a comforting refreshment while also preventing flies from buzzing into an open container.

It can also be nice to prepare a straw hat to keep the sun off your neck, and Australian Sunglasses. These trendy sunglasses not only help with eye strain, but are biodegradable and serve as a great contribution to environmentally-conscious fashion. Some people may even take a little portable radio outside with them to quietly listen to classical music while they read. In short – don’t be afraid of a few reading indulgences. They can be tremendously healthy to have alongside you.

Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture should be a no-brainer if you’re to sit and read for an hour or two. However, it’s not always the case that garden furniture is designed for reading with comfort. For this reason, invest in a cushioned bench you can place under the overhang of your back staging area. Alternatively, an exterior lounger you can fold and put away when finished.

Temporary blankets thrown over wooden or cast-iron furniture will soften the space a little bit, too. Just make sure you can read in a comfortable and relatively neutral posture. It will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your lovely reading corner. You’d be surprised how much unwinding is not necessarily about being totally comfortable. However, it’s about not being distracted by discomfort. For that reason, you can organise your sitting area accordingly.

A Little Privacy

It’s healthy to want a little privacy as you read and spend time away from the world. Sitting near your tree line is a great way to prevent the neighboring houses from looking into your garden. However, a large market umbrella will work just as well. A little privacy can make a profound difference in how comfortable you feel. However, how loudly you sing along to the radio, or the gasps you make when a story revelation is made in the pulpy paperback you’re reading, are different distractions.

With this advice, the lovely reading corner you’ve created for yourself will be thoroughly enviable. It’s a place you can retire to in order to say farewell to a slowly diminishing summer, all while waiting for a (hopefully more stable) summer in 2022.