Your post-renovation aftermath won’t even be on your radar during building works. Even in the excitement of redecorating, finishing seems a far off dream. However, what should you expect afterwards?

When we’re considering a home renovation, we tend to focus on the work that needs doing. This is, after all, the focal point of the project. With that in mind, you certainly shouldn’t skip the post-renovation aftermath.

Spare some thought for what happens after your renovation is finished. Whether you’ve moved out or stayed put throughout, the chances are that you haven’t even considered the all-important aftermath. Few homeowners do, hence why many feel unsatisfied in the days after work is finished.

The reality is that renovation itself isn’t all it takes to create the home you’ve been missing. Taking the right steps in the proceeding days is, ultimately, what brings renovation work together. So, keep reading to find out how you can stay happy with your renovation by tackling three critical priorities after it’s happened.

3 Post-Renovation Aftermath Elements

# 1 – Cleaning comes first

It’s irrelevant whether your renovation team has attempted to clean up renovation mess. You can bet that there will still be a fair amount of cleaning to do directly after your renovation. Never underestimate dust’s ability to settle, resettle, and settle again.

To make sure that doesn’t put a damper on your after-renovation experience, clean before you even consider returning your furniture to its rightful place. It’s likely to be worth your while to invest in professional house spring clean services like the carpet steam cleaning offered by Handmate.

Only once you’ve gone this deep can you finally move back into a space that makes you feel good.

# 2 – Be prepared to touch up the decoration

The majority of renovation teams will decorate after completion in accordance with your taste, but it pays to prepare for a few touch-ups, too. This is an area of the post-renovation aftermath you probably haven’t considered.

It may be that the paint colour is slightly off, or that want to change skirting boards etc. after seeing the completed image. These are small issues in the grand scheme of things. However, tweaks should see you appreciating your renovation in a whole light. If

something doesn’t work the way you expected, don’t panic. Decoration is a small task after the work your house has just undergone!

# 3 – Take time to adjust to your new space

Often, homeowners feel disillusioned in the wake of refurbs because they don’t take time to adjust to their new space. Remember that, even though you designed that layout, it’s an entirely new home addition.

It’s going to take you a while to get used to where things are and how to best use the space. That doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake; it just means you should slow down and adjust!

Refurbishment is an exciting yet stressful time, and it isn’t unusual to struggle in the direct post-renovation aftermath. The adrenaline from all that work may well keep you up at night. But, don’t despair! By putting these pointers into action, you will fall wholeheartedly in love with your refurbishment.