Groovy new Pop Art has been released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 60’s Icons, including my namesake Lady Penelope. Yes, Thunderbirds Are Go!

Inspired by our favourite 60’s cult film & TV icons and mid-century modernism, UK studio Art & Hue have released a limited series of images. The pop art images are groovy and stylish available unframed on 310gsm fine art archival matte paper. Printed on 100% cotton, Art & Hue have used the halftone treatment, an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image – similar to newspapers and comic books. It’s hard to see here but ‘in the flesh’ the halftone effect looks dynamic.

The original inspiration for the stylish new pop art collection was the Gerry Anderson series ‘Thunderbirds’. Although the television series ended in 1966, it is beloved my millions – including me. I mean, how can you not love a series that has Lady Penelope being driven by her chauffeur, Aloysius Parker, in a pink Rolls-Royce from Creighton-Ward Manor?

There are 22 pop art prints in 18 colours and 3 sizes available. All your favourite images from ‘Thunderbirds’ have been designed, and now I know why I love the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright so much. The secret headquarters on Tracy Island is mid-century modernism that could have been designed by the iconic American Architect.

Jeff Tracy, his sons and uber-geek engineer, Brains, are all depicted.

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Excitingly, it’s not just the iconic ‘Thunderbirds’ that have been given the Art & Hue treatment. From ‘The Avengers’ to ‘AbFab’ Joanna Lumley is a perennial favourite. No pop art collection would be complete without the saucy, sassy, sexy, sozzled ‘Patsy’. However, these are 60’s icons so even though ‘Kiss My Buttons’ was inspired by an episode of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ it has a distinctly 60’s vibe.

Both images, ‘Kiss My Buttons’ and ‘Triple Lumley’ (inspired by Andy Warhol’s Triple Elvis), are from publicity shots from a very early Lumley movie, ‘The Breaking of Bumbo’. It epitomizes the swinging London of the 60’s.

As I mentioned, I am crazy for the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and also cantilever architecture, so I am delighted that the series includes pop art depictions of iconic airports. Who’d have thought they’d make great wall art, right?

Again, they are iconic 60’s images and modernist architecture. The two seen here are LAX Los Angeles Airport, opened in 1961, and Washington Dulles Airport, designed in 1958.

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All images are now available from Art & Hue, based in Britain. There are three sizes with prices starting at £15.00, or about $AUS26.00 and $US20.00.

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