The environment needs you to plant more trees. Why? Because the environment YOU breathe and live in will be a much better place with more trees on the planet.

Eamon Fennelly is an expert with Capital Garden Services so I asked him to explain, in simple terms, the power of trees and how their life source gives us ours. (Eamon also provided a great infographic you can see below)

“Most of us will be aware that trees are important, but fewer people will know the extent of their importance. They stand there, asking for nothing from us, yet give so much in return” says Eamon.

One average tree keeps a family of 4 breathing for 1 year. It’s important to break it down like this as it can be easy to forget the importance of one tree. Moreover, research has shown that even the sight of trees results in people spending 8% fewer days in hospital.

Trees have numerous other untold benefits. They can control flooding and are wonderfully adept at controlling noise pollution in urban areas. Furthermore, trees can also be kind on our pockets and add up to 25% to property values.

plant more trees

Whilst it’s vital to plant more trees, house plants positively affect the interior of your home too. They release oxygen, create soothing decor, and add vitality to roomscapes. So make it easy on yourself by choosing indestructible house plants that just won’t quit! And for other ideas to enhance your outdoor living, while you plant more trees, have a look at beautiful decking ideas and ways to expand your outdoor living space.

Check out this infographic from Capital Garden Services for more information on why our survival depends on trees. We hope you will find it interesting.

This graphic should look great on your smartphone. If you are on a desktop and can’t view the infographic clearly enough you can find it here.

plant more trees