Do you think the perfect smile is beyond your reach? Well, think about this. We all know that exercise is good for us. It will help us to brim with health and to keep strong. But did you know what exercise is good for your face too; for all the same reasons?

There are many ways to look healthy, but you can improve how good you look by having the perfect smile. In order to have a perfect smile, getting the best smile you can is really important.

Dentistry can be part of that too, of course. So if you find that you want to improve the look of your teeth, then you should speak to your dentist. There are different treatments available out there for you. A site like could give you an idea of some of the services that your dentist might offer. So it could be worth looking into. But if you just want to improve how you smile and look more photogenic, then it could be time to give your smile some exercise. Here are some of the best ways that you can do so.

perfect smile

Get The Perfect Smile With This Exercise

Quite simply and straightforward, this is a simple thing to do that will help to strengthen the face muscles that help you to smile. Strengthening them can help you to have more control over what you look like when you smile. This is an excellent thing to do before something like a prom or a wedding. When you are going to be constantly smiling, you can be surprised by just how much it can hurt to do so for a sustained period of time. could be a good place to look for more about smiling.

So find a little ‘me time’ and start by sitting, or standing, in front of a mirror. Then you can begin.

  • Using your fingers, stretch out the corners of your mouth laterally. You need to keep your lips closed, though. Then hold for around ten seconds. Repeat two to three times with a ten-second rest in between each one.
  • Next, do the same as above. Except this time, you should make the lateral stretch larger by pulling further to show off some of your teeth. Again, this should be done for around ten seconds and repeated two or three times more.
  • The next exercise to try is to smile as big and as wide as you can. Show off all of your teeth. It might not be a completely natural pose for you, but it will help. Then you should hold that for around ten seconds and repeat.


perfect smile

Perfect Smile Line Exercise

If you find that you don’t really like to smile because of the lines it can create around your mouth; then this can help. When you reduce the lines around your mouth, it can make you look younger, so has to be worth a try!

  • Get your biggest pout or duck face on by sucking in your cheeks and sticking your lips out.
  • While you are doing this, try to smile. Hold the ‘smile’ until your mouth starts to ache a little. Then release it and relax.
  • Repeat this exercise as often as necessary. When you’re just driving in the car can be a good idea.

These are easy exercises designed to help you create the perfect smile. So what are you waiting for?