Finding the perfect property to buy can take many months of searching and viewing. This is quite normal, as there is often something that is not quite right about each property you visit.

Generally, some of the minor things you pick up on are just an excuse that it’s not the perfect property for you. However, you will know when you have found it.

Top Tips for Finding The Perfect Property

If you have used in the search for your perfect property, it is likely that you have found it to be a quicker service than you thought. This is because they provide a simple and straightforward way of picking only the properties that you are likely to fall in love with, rather than you scouring the Internet and viewing many disappointments.

You will be Comfortable And At Ease

One of the first signs that you have found your ideal home is that you will feel comfortable and at ease, even though it still belongs to someone else. You will be able to visualise your own sofa in the place of theirs and you will know exactly where each piece of your furniture will be placed.

perfect property

Are you comfortable peeking behind the shower curtain or opening a closet door? If that is how you are feeling there is a good chance that you are viewing your perfect property.

Forget The Repairs

Any home that has been lived in is bound to have some flaws and perhaps need some minor repairs.

If those are not bothering you at all, and you are not pushing for the vendor to do the repairs, to you the house is perfect as it is. When you are telling yourself that a bit of effort will put these things right, then all those excuses for the other homes you viewed have disappeared.

It Ticks All The Boxes

At least in your head, you will have a list of things your new home must have. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, for instance?

perfect property

Maybe you want it to be close to the local schools or the shops. There could be any number of boxes that need ticking and if this one ticks them all, what are you waiting for?


If you feel excited and cannot wait to tell your family and friends about the perfect property you have found, you can stop looking at others because your ideal home is waiting for you.

perfect property

If you were to look at any others after this one, you would be comparing them all. However, none would come up to scratch as far as you are concerned, so stop wasting your time.

Sleep On It

There is an old saying that specifies that you should never make a big decision without sleeping on it first. This often rings true and next morning things can look different, whether it is a problem or something good you are considering.

perfect property

If when you get up the next day you still feel the same about the house you have found, you best speak to the vendors before they sell it to someone else.