A perfect pergola is the right addition to your home any season of the year.

Most people focus on the interior of their home, rather than thinking about what lies beyond those front and back doors. But don’t neglect your garden. An easy addition that will make everything look so much better is the perfect pergola.

What Is A Perfect Pergola?

Pergola’s were popular during the Italian Renaissance and, depending on where you live, you may know them by a different name. A perfect pergola is an arched, slanted or flat roofed architectural adornment for your garden. A pergola can be attached to the house, or summer house, or be free-standing. They are often covered in climbing plants and offer a cooling break from the midday sun when you’re lounging outside. It offers shade without blocking the breeze. Essentially, it’s a win-win item. Pergola design is usually quite simple; a sturdy, plain design of boards and crossbeams. However, it is important that the structure is safe and sturdy, as falling beams can pose a real danger to you and the ones you love.

Why A Pergola?

A pergola offers an easy way to create an outdoor space in which to rest, sunbathe, entertain or where your children can play. The perfect pergola creates a focal point in the garden and has multiple uses. It’s a less daunting project than building an outdoor patio.

It also requires minimal maintenance. If the job is done properly, the only maintenance that you should have to consider is sweeping fallen leaves from beneath it in the winter. But regardless, you’d have to sweep these up anyway, pergola or no pergola.

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Getting the Perfect Pergola

Pergolas are relatively simple items but should be built by a professional builder. Some building professionals will specifically specialize in pergolas, gazebos, arbors, and awnings. So, there are plenty of other options they might be able to suggest if something else might suit your home better. They can usually also build on an existing design or create customized orders. The possibilities are endless.

Block UV

If you want to completely block UV from reaching you, drape fabrics across the top of your pergola. This will give more shade and will reduce UV exposure to those sitting beneath it. This is particularly great if you have kids. They’ll want to play outside, but the pergola offers them safety and comfort when the heat rises.

Go Floral

The pergola can also serve as a large trellis. Place hanging baskets from certain beams. Ensure the beam is sturdy enough first. To create different heights or lower baskets to eye-level, buy metal rods from the hardware store. One end hooks over the beam and the other end hooks onto the basket. This creates baskets that hang at the level YOU want.

Hanging  baskets will be watered by the rain, as they are exposed to the elements, but will also be easily accessible if you need to water them yourself. If your garden is exposed to weather that is hot and dry, buy a watering device that will reach up and into baskets.


Perfect pergolas are usually made from wood, but this isn’t the only option. Materials such as metal and vinyl offer great alternatives.Consider how water-resistant your pergola needs to be and choose the material that suits your location.


Your pergola needn’t be standard unpainted, unstained wood unless you want a rustic look. There are thousands of colors from which to choose so make use of some of them. Paint your pergola with wood paint. Make it an interesting color that suits your decor and garden, and gives some WOW factor. Alternatively, the vinyl pergolas previously mentioned also come in a range of colors.


Pergolas create a discreet refuge in your garden. It’s not surprising that they’re often created for the sake of privacy. You will often see them surrounding hot tubs and small pools.

The perfect pergola for your budget, location, outdoor living and family is within your grasp. Be inspired by the gorgeous range of pergolas seen here and then engage a professional to help you.

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