Is the perfect house move possible? At a time of stress and some dysfunction, you may need four simple tips to help your sanity when you move house.

Making sure you do as much as you can to have the perfect house move is important. Even the few simple tips here will help you be more organised and less stressed.

Moving house is such a massive lifestyle change that you need to make sure you get it right as much as possible. Planning is one of the key elements to the perfect house move. So take on board these four simple tips and have a more harmonious move.

1. Pack Effectively

Packing is a pretty important component of a stress-free move. For example, pack what you don’t need FIRST and store boxes out of the ‘action zone’.

Packing more effectively is something you can do by planning out the process. Designate specific items to specific boxes and label everything. It’s also a good idea to label boxes 1 to 50, or how ever many you have. So when the boxes are delivered, you know exactly how many you should have.

2. Hire Professional Movers

Another thing to consider is hiring professional movers to help you execute your move. Sunshine Coast Removals would be an excellent choice. They are expert movers focused on giving you the best possible service that will help protect your possessions. 

3. Choose the Right Day to Move

Choosing the right day to move could be pivotal in creating the perfect house move. Of course, everyone wants to move on the weekend because we are all working during the week.

However, it’s usually much cheaper to hire removal trucks and a removal team during the week. This is the time when most removal companies have gaps in their schedule. So they offer cheaper rates to keep the business moving. Definitely ring around two or three removal or hire companies to check their week-day rates.

4. Have a Clear Out

Use the opportunity to have a clear-out and create more space. Moving house is the perfect time to get rid of broken items and donate things you no longer need. Please make sure anything you donate is in optimum condition.

The perfect house move means shifting the least amount of possessions possible. Why take the junk you don’t want to a new location? Starting with a clean slate in a new home is absolute bliss… but not quite as much as a soothing bubble bath.

These are just a few of the best ideas you can use to help you make the perfect house move. When there is so much to consider when you move house, make it all as stress-free as possible with these four simple tips.