When it comes to where we live, we can all have the end goal of getting the perfect home at some point in our lives. But is that truly achievable? I’d say YES!

Do you like the idea of having a forever perfect home designed exactly how you want it and suitable for your exact needs? You’re not alone.

You may have to go through a few properties and climb up the ladder to get it, but we are all capable of living in our perfect home at some point.

I wanted to share with you 4 ways you could achieve your perfect home, even sooner than you may think.

perfect home

Building your own perfect home

One of the most obvious ways to get your dream home is to just build it yourself. It may sound like an expensive task, but the reality is that it can be a lot easier to achieve than you would believe.

There are companies who are Custom Home Builders that can help you with the process. From designing a home suitable for your lifestyle to the actual build.

Finding the right plot of land is probably the hardest part because you’ll want to ensure that where you live is perfect for your lifestyle.

Is it close to local amenities and commutable for things like school or work? Or would you prefer a more rural location away from the rat race?

With communications, lifestyles and work more flexible than ever, many people are considering this option as their final step on the property ladder.

perfect home

Adding an extension and changing the floorplan

Maybe you have found the right location and there is a suitable house already there. Or you are currently living in a house that you love for the location and other characteristics but perhaps it just isn’t big enough anymore.

This is when you can make the property work for you through extensions and changing things like the floorplan. It is a cheaper option than building your perfect home.

OR build a granny flat instead of an extension to the main house. This flexible option can be rented out, used for a teenage retreat or to house independent elderly relatives, or shared on Air B’nB.

If you are already settled somewhere it can be the ideal solution to your growing property needs.

Again a builder can help you through the process of planning an extension and the whole build process from start to finish.


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Making the exterior part of your interior

Another thing to consider is making more of the exterior of your home. The perfect home can mean many things to different people, and having an outside area that is usable as an extension of your home could be the answer.

Adding an entertaining area to your garden where you can cook and eat gives you a whole new living space but cost-effectively.

Consider installing high-quality artificial grass that’s easily maintained and used consistently throughout the seasons.

An all-seasons outdoor living space is an easy way to add extra areas to utilise in your home without the need for moving.

perfect home

Adding personality to the interior design

Finally, if you are in a home that you plan on staying in then why not make it the perfect home by adding your personality to the interior design?

Many people are less tempted to do this if the plan is to move at some point, so they avoid using colour or adding their own personal touches. However, you could do this to a home to make it your dream dwelling if you think this is the one you want to stay in.


Interior Designer Penelope Herbert from Plush Design Interiors will help you create your own dream home from design to installation. Her skills include colour consultation, floor plan re-design, maximising space and full-service interior design and outdoor living.

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