The perfect garden party is achievable by even the most inexperienced host. All you need are a few expert tips, a little energy and heaps of your own personality. Here’s how to style your own perfect garden party.

When Summer is here it’s time for numerous fabulous garden parties. But is your garden underwhelming? Then it’s time you set about creating space for the perfect garden party to host the night time gatherings or daytime barbecues you desire.

perfect garden party

When it comes to improving your garden with a sense of style that all of your guests will be envious of, what are the best ways?


It’s very easy to create a cosy, quaint feeling in a back garden, especially when night is on the horizon. Hang decorations in the bushes or trees, such as solar-powered fairy lights and lanterns, to give your garden a festival type feeling.

The great thing about lights and decorations is that they don’t have to cost much, especially if you’re on a budget, and you’re trying to impress.

perfect garden party

Be sure to have the balance right with the light, by mixing up the sizes. Small tea lights are great dotted around, but you need a few large hurricane lamps on occasion.

Don’t be tempted to go full floodlight where everybody is illuminated too well!

Add A Few Focal Points

If you have a decent budget, you can truly take advantage of the various garden designs and landscape materials to create a truy perfect garden party space. Take advantage of garden designers like Brian Fuller, or visit your local hardware store and get an ideas to truly reinvigorate in your space.

Modern barbecues aren’t just a couple of logs and one of those cheap setups. Now you can make your garden stand out with one of the all singing, all dancing, barbecues.

perfect garden party

If you looking for furniture, long couches are great, especially if you want a lot of dinner conversations late into the night.

And speaking of night, if you are looking for a cosy way to end a garden party, a makeshift fire won’t cut it. There are stylish, stone fireplaces that you can set up, and build seating around, so you can all snuggle up while someone plays “Kumbaya” on an acoustic guitar!

Color Coordinate

The exciting thing about the perfect garden party that you can go overboard in terms of colour. However, if you’re trying to stay on the right side of stylish, colour coordinating is your best bet.

If you colour coordinate the lights and the decorations, this will ensure you stay stylish. If you can, try to match the exterior of the house. This adds a perfect balance of colour and creates a base colour that you can add to.

This makes your garden well-coordinated and gives you the go-ahead to do pretty much anything, style wise.

perfect garden party

The perfect garden party is what’s in your mind, but if you looking for a stylish evening or daytime, it can be very difficult.

If you are on a budget, there can always be issues, and the temptation to throw the kitchen sink at the garden to make it look fuller. However, you run the risk of over decorating.

Instead, pick a few simple motifs, such as lights, or colour, and be sure to pepper the area with just a little bit of style, it goes a long way. And don’t forget the food!