Patio paving can look absolutely gorgeous and an integral part of your indoor-outdoor living. No-one wants a boring patio but if you’re not a keen gardener and you need easy-care, then this article is for you.

There are mixed opinions about gardens that only feature patio-paving. To some, they’re madness. How could you live without beautiful flowers brightening your outside space?

To others, though, patio gardens are something of a revelation. We may all like the idea of an outside area, but we aren’t all gardeners. For these people, the idea of having to cut the lawn and tend the flowerbeds is the mad part. By laying paving slabs, they don’t have to work for a garden they could enjoy. What could be better?

If you’re in this latter group, you aren’t alone. More and more people seem to be coming around to this way of thinking. In part, you could blame that on our busy lifestyles. But, there may be one pressing issue stopping you from taking the plunge. Despite their ease of use, patio gardens often just don’t look as pretty. Done wrong, they can even become eyesores.

But, a patio doesn’t have to look unappealing. With fairly little work, it’s possible to make this space as colourful and comfortable as any garden. And, we’re going to look at how.

Patio Paving: Consider Your Paving Stones

You can start creating a prettier patio by considering your paving slabs. Plain concrete slabs won’t lead to the most inspiring outside space. But, there’s no reason to stick with such a simple option.

patio paving

Tribeca Grey Brick from Beaumont Tiles

There are all manner of whacky and wonderful patio tiles out there for you to choose from. They alone could bring a striking element to this space. All you need to do is look around for inspiration.

Patio Paving: Find New Ways to Introduce Plants

The main thing missing from patio gardens are flowers. In part, these are why you wanted to get rid of your garden. Still, you like the look of them, but you don’t like the upkeep.

Hence why artificial potted plants could be the best bet for your patio alternative. There are some realistic looking plants out there now which could add just the splash of colour you’re after.

patio paving

Image courtesy of Krakow Garden Design

Even if you opted for living potted plants, you can bet they would be easier to look after than a whole garden. If you don’t fancy either of those options, you could always consider something like hydroponic gardening.

This is a way of growing plants which is fast, soil-free, and minimal hassle. Even if you don’t enjoy traditional gardening, this could work for you. You won’t even need to worry about mud under your nails!


Get Your Garden Furniture Right

Aside from being easier to care for, patio gardens bring the benefit of being the ideal place for garden furniture. Given that a decent set of chairs can make your outside space liveable, that’s something to shout about.

Of course, making the space look good is all about shopping around for the best options here. A simple metal chair isn’t going to look amazing.

patio paving

But, a colourful frame with bright cushions is a whole other story. So, get your design head on, and get shopping.