Expert party decorating tips can add to your own imagination when you are planing the perfect special event. Your role as host doesn’t begin and end with supplying drinks and food.

The décor is important in order to get everyone in the right vibe. So regardless of who you are inviting to your home, you’ll need some party decorating tips and tricks for hosting the perfect special event this season.

Party Decorating Tips #1: Blow Out on Balloons

No party is complete without a few balloons. You can buy standard balloons, or get creative such as going with a colour scheme to match the sex of a newborn at a baby shower, having a personalised message printed on the balloons or even buying unusual balloons for the kids such as animal shapes or ones full of confetti.

Inflating lots of balloons with your lungs can be time-consuming and exhausting so consider buying a balloon pump to speed things up. Place balloons in corners and places where they won’t get in the way (having them in the centre of table could stop people being able to talk to one another).

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Party Decorating Tips #2: Lighten the Mood

A party should never be gloomy. Provide extra lighting to give the place a bright and cheery feel. Fairy lights can be a good low-cost option that are perfect for kids parties and birthdays.

You can also consider candles for a natural warm glow – these are great for putting on a table. If you’re organising a big event, it could even be worth splashing out on old hanging filament bulbs for a rustic feel.


Party Decorating Tips #3: Mix it Up

At parties you can get away with mixing the décor up a little bit. Lots of different colours and styles will reinforce that buzzing, social feel. Now could be the time to take out all those novelty drinking cups such as decorated cocktail glasses or beer tankards.

Unless it’s a sit-down dinner party, be careful bringing out those sentimental or precious glasses that you don’t want to get broken. A party can also be a great time to get out all those novelty bowls and plates for serving food on, as well as unusual bottle openers or wine bottle holders.

For general décor, bring out lots of colours as these will encourage a vibrant atmosphere.


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Party Decorating Tips #4: Create a Foody Feature

Getting fun with food can be a great way of adding to the décor. Trying opting for brightly coloured foods or serving them or brightly coloured plates. You can even make patterns and displays out of them.

There are lots of foody focal points that you can try and create. This could include a birthday cake, although it could also be a chocolate fountain or a spit roast or even a customised chocolate display as available through companies such as Chocogram.

Alcoholic drinks can also be displayed in a fun and creative way. You could buy a beer keg or jeroboam of champagne or even simply fill your biggest mixing bowl with a punch garnished with lots of fruit.


party decorating tips

Party Decorating Tips #5: Build a Photo Display

A photo collage could be a fun feature to add to your party. If it’s someone’s birthday, you could surprise them with a wall of memories. The photos could even be of a previous party in which all the same guests attended. Make sure that this display is in a social area where people will see it.


Party Decorating Tips #6: Prepare for All Weathers

If your party is outdoors, it can be worth having an emergency backup plan to deal with the rain. Putting all food indoors or under a canopy is a safe option to deal with a sudden downpour.

A canopy or indoor space will also allow guests somewhere to retreat to. Companies such as Marquee2Hire offer lots of gazebos to rent. This could save money having to buy a gazebo that you may not ever use again.

You should also be wary of electrical equipment outdoors that could get damaged in the rain. This could include speakers or lighting. Special exterior items will generally be waterproof.

For lighting, you may be able to buy solar options that will prevent having to trail cables around.

As important as it is to prepare for the rain, you should also prepare for the heat. Food outside may go off in the sun or attract flies and wasps. Make sure that cold drinks such as beers or soft drinks are also left out of the sun so that they don’t get undrinkably warm.

party decorating tips