The packing process when relocating can be overwhelming. Many homeowners will tell you that moving house is a nightmare. From packing up your life to organizing removals, there are multiple things that you need to get done.

You’ll start the process with bags of enthusiasm. But as your moving day draws nearer, these feelings will be replaced with stress and panic. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way with a packing process that make sense. Simply using a few tricks beforehand, your moving day can be stress-free and straightforward. So if you’re finding the packing up process hard going, try using these tricks to help you.

Forget about your clothing

If you’re a self-confessed shopaholic, it’s likely that you have a closet full of clothing that needs to be packed. Packing up a closet is a task that most home movers dread because it’s often time-consuming. However, to simplify your packing process, you should forget all about your clothing.

This might seem like an odd trick to use, but it’s one that is very effective. Many removal companies such as Affordable Home & Office Removals can provide portable wardrobes. This allows the clothing you have hanging to be quickly and easily packed up when removalists arrive. Clothing can then be safely transported to your new property. Not having to pack up your clothing means you can save time and focus on other items that require your attention.

Stagger your move

It’s understandable that you would want to move everything into your home all at once. But this will only amp up your stress levels and give you even more to do. To simplify the moving process considerably, you need to stagger your move.

If you get the keys to your new home the day before moving day, make the most of this opportunity. You could use your own or a friends car to move in some essential boxes you will need as soon as you move in. This reduces how much needs to be transported the following day. Another option is only to transport what you need on moving day and store the rest in a storage unit. This gives you more freedom to move in certain items only when you need them, rather than all at once.

Use clear plastic boxes

Once you’ve put your belongings into boxes, it can be easy to forget what you have packed. This could result in you having to unpack boxes to remind you, which can be a huge waste of time. So to prevent this from happening, consider using clear plastic boxes rather than cardboard ones. Being able to see what is in each box can make life easier for you and the removal company you hire.

Plastic boxes with lids are also sturdier than cardboard which can you avoid any breakages. Look online at box suppliers like The Plastic Man for ideas on prices and sizes.
Now you know how to make your moving day less chaotic, you might begin enjoying the packing process. So beat the stereotypes and begin this new phase in your life in a positive, rather than a negative, way.

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