With New Year’s Eve around the corner, it can get a little frustrating when you try to organize your outfit choices.

Sometimes, you have a look in mind and either it doesn’t feel right or it just doesn’t fit – causing you to go into a complete panic!

Then, of course, there are the times when you just have no idea at all and outfit choices get confusing. Maybe you’re doing something a little different this year, and you know that your usual choice of a little black dress just might not work. So, instead, try one of these outfit choices that are on-trend, and very chic.

Silk Pyjamas

First up, you might not be a party person at all, or you’ve had your fair share of nights on the town and fancy a nice and cozy evening in instead. Party wear might not be an option for you. If you’re planning on having a movie night and you want to be comfortable, pajamas are always the answer. But, it is New Year’s Eve, after all, so maybe you want to jazz your look up a little and go for silk pajamas with an elegant print? That way, you can still feel sassy and celebrate with champagne.

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Cosy Knits

Say you’re staying in a cabin in the woods this New Years. You may not want to get all dolled up either. So, why not keep it cozy and casual, but still look like you’re put together. Choose something warm and comforting. Knitwear, like the Merino Snug Wool products, is ideal for this look. Plus, it’s the perfect option if you’ll be spending the evening with friends or family, but aren’t planning on anything formal.

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Ski Suit

Maybe you’re going skiing this year. You might not be spending the entire day and night on the slopes, but on the off chance you are, pick the perfect ski suit for the occasion. You might even be attending a function when the clock strikes 12, and be sporting your old faithful, the little black dress. But, you can still make an effort with your ski attire to make you look and feel the part.


Despite New Year’s being in the middle of winter, in some parts of the world, you might not have your mind on winter warmers. If you’re going away for New Year’s Eve, you’re probably going to want to have your holiday wardrobe packed and ready. Maybe you’re going to a beach party? If you are, then you’re going to want to take the perfect party-ready bikini, along with a cover up or denim shorts. Something with sequins would set the look off right.

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All Sequin Everything

And while we’re on the topic of sequins, they’re the perfect party alternative to what you’d usually wear. If you are keeping it classic this year and heading to a party, try to choose something different to style up. Instead of a party dress, why not pick sequin shorts, or sequin leggings, or a sequin blazer instead? Wearing something out of your usual comfort zone could be all it takes to make you shine this New Year’s Eve.

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All images sourced from Pexels.