Outdoor tiles add warmth, drama or personality to stark, lifeless landscapes and patios. This Spring, Beaumont Tiles have released a new range with earthy tones, raw and rough luxe, and an edgy style.

Indoor/outdoor living should be a free flow of design that’s compatible and seamless. Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles Communications and Design Specialist, says alfresco design should be sympathetic with the outdoors rather than seek to replace the indoors. She says Beaumonts are closely following the three European trends this Spring of earth, formation and raw.

“Flow throughout the entire property is still a key in design but we’re shying away from bright light flooring and inviting the outdoors to come inside through natural applications,” says Christie Wood. “Natural design gives a sense of calm, relaxation and focus. Imperfections are now being celebrated in beautiful knots and rains of wood and the movement of natural stone.”

Replacing taupe and cream are black and charcoals which create great depth, perfect for setting off plantings. These darker tones are more in sync with most natural outdoor surroundings so they won’t date as readily. Raw imperfections tell a unique story and add personality so you’ll see outdoor tiles imitating stone, timber and exposed brickwork. Pavers that look like concrete slabs and timber add the impression of warmth. The new outdoor tiles are very low maintenance and highly practical especially with a slip rating for safety.

Design a new space with outdoor tiles that are retro or nostalgic including French pattern tumbled stone. Your garden can have a romantic and intimate ambience reflecting the coziness of timeworn bricks.

“If there is an existing old feature, now is the time to give it some focus. For example, exposed brick, concrete, metals and salvaged materials give an injection of personality to any space”

Black and charcoals are the new taupe and cream

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10 quick tips for new season outdoor tiles

  1. don’t replicate indoors, be sympathetic to the outdoors
  2. think natural – earth, formation, raw
  3. celebrate imperfections, such as knots in wood
  4. black and charcoal are the new taupe and cream
  5. darker tones add visual depth and set off plants
  6. for wet areas, look for non-slip tiles that mimic wood and concrete
  7. French patterned tumble stone is romantic and intimate
  8. give an existing old feature a lift with brick, metal, concrete and salvaged items
  9. shapes and patterns add a blast of visual interest
  10. acknowledge the sun and where the light falls or create a lighting plan

To see the entire collection of new season outdoor tiles visit your local Beaumont Tiles store. See on-line at Beaumont Tiles for your nearest location, pricing, sizes and any great sales deals.

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