An outdoor space is vital for healthy living with Vitamin D from the sun’s rays and fresh air to breathe. Even the smallest outdoor space will have a positive effect on your well-being. So do you have one?

If so, do you make the most of the outdoor space you have? Sometimes gardens can become a bit of a dumping ground for kids toys, garden tools and washing. With people starting to realise the benefits of outdoor living it’s time to get your garden in shape so it’s an extension of your home.

This article aims to show ways of making the most of your outdoor space for your long-term enjoyment.


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Have A Plan for Your Outdoor Space

Firstly, carefully look at how you use your garden and then plan accordingly. If you have children it will be important to incorporate space for them to play, but you will also need to allocate areas in which to relax.

Perhaps your hobby is growing vegetables in which case a vegetable plot would be ideal – if space permits, if not some raised beds or large pots will suffice.

Be aware of where the sun rises and sets in your garden, as this will influence where you site certain structures, such as seating areas. Plants are also influenced greatly by the sun and will need planting in areas that provide the best growing conditions. Some love the shade and some love to be planted in full sun.


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Provide Shade

In winter it’s hard to imagine that in a few months you will need to shade yourself from the sun. However, to keep your garden space useable all year round you need to consider shade.

It may be that you are lucky enough to have areas of your garden shaded by natural sources such as trees. If not you may need to implement design feature and structures to create protection from the sun.

Awnings can add both style and function to your garden, folding away when not needed and giving some cool relief when desperately required.

For those not lucky enough to be blessed with ample natural shade an awning can be a great investment.



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Do You Need Play Equipment?

Designate an area of the garden specifically for the use of your children. Consider using bark chippings as a surface to site play equipment on, to provide a soft landing should any falls occur.

When purchasing equipment consider the materials that it is made from, timber would blend more sympathetically with your gardens surroundings and will last a long time if maintained.

Timber can be expensive though, so ensure you buy equipment that will grow with your child and last many years. A good investment would be climbing frames, swings and summer houses.

Try to incorporate an aspect to your garden that will encourage wildlife such as birds. Children love to learn about nature and they will be contributing to the protection of natural habitats.


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A Seating Area is Always Required in An Outdoor Space

Create an area that is comfortable and relaxing. Furnish the area with comfortable chairs and cushions. You could site your seating area away from the house to form a retreat from daily life. Or site the seating area close to the house under a shady awning, you won’t have far to travel for drink refills!

Finally, make your garden an area that your family love to spend time in. Add colour with plants and flowers and perhaps try growing your own vegetables.