Outdoor renovations can sometimes be very expensive. And if they are not done well they won’t significantly increase the value of your home. To add value and not over-capitalise, picking the right project is the key.

Building projects can be stressful and there is a risk that your plans and investment don’t add the value you desire. So, as with any renovation project, it’s advisable to ensure your outdoor renovations will add value AND enable you to enjoy your time at home.

Gutter protection

Okay, so it’s difficult to say that people actually enjoy their gutter guards in the traditional sense of the word. But there’s no doubt that they’re near-essential additions to any home. Let’s face it: the prospect of cleaning out a gutter isn’t attractive. However, in areas with a lot of vegetation gutters can get clogged with leaves and debris very quickly. Then the inclement weather hits and you’ll find gutters overflowing and excess water getting into the paving.

That is, of course, unless you’ve installed gutter guards. While it may not make or break outdoor renovations, when it comes to selling the home gutter guards will certainly be a relief to many people who are thinking about buying your home. PLUS, you can spend less time cleaning gutters and more time enjoying your garden.

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Conservatory Craftsmen


Everyone talks about conservatories when discussing outdoor renovations. That’s because they’re one of the most desired additions to any home, but the vast majority of homes don’t have them. Conservatories will not only boost the value of your home they will provide relaxing shelter with a great view of your garden.Give consideration to the climate in which you live. If you have colder winters

Give consideration to the climate in which you live if a conservatory will be part of your outdoor renovations. If you have colder winters, a conservatory may heat up with the daytime sun and create a beautifully cosy space. However, if you live in a hotter climate consider the costs of air-conditioning if the space gets too hot, or have a conservatory with windows that open to the breeze. Add glossy leafed pot plants and succulents for an exotic vibe. Cane or woven furniture with tropical fabrics are great choices for this type of glass enclosure.

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Lewis Aquatech

Swimming pool

A swimming pool with the right pool equipment can definitely sell a home to outdoor lovers. Buy equipment from a reputable supplier and don’t skimp on quality. A swimming pool requires upkeep and serious safety considerations. If you are installing a pool and then plan to sell right away, this may not be the best idea. Families with very young children may be put off by the presence of a pool. However, if you’re planning to stay in the home, a swimming pool can be a fabulous way to enjoy the hot weather, entertain friends, and teach kids about water safety.

Buy outdoor furniture with weather resistant fabrics or have somewhere out of the weather to store them. Take care with young children when buying pool inflatables as it’s very easy to get into trouble in the water. Choose slip-proof tiles for around the pool and immediate entertaining areas.

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Hamilton Standard Constructions


Decking is basically like taking a garden and turning it into a deluxe version of itself. Decking is just naturally attractive to people. Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to step outside onto a gorgeous wooden surface, away from the dirt that wet and windy weather often brings? As long as you use the right kind of wood, decking can add an astonishing amount of value to your home. If you don’t have a big garden, add plants in pots or even vertical gardening for really small spaces.

Regardless of the size of your home and garden, how steep is the site, or what view you halve, a new deck will always be a valuable asset. They’re perfect for summertime barbecues and other types of outdoor cooking, evening star-gazing, winter meals (with a gas heater), and for simply engaging with the outdoors.

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Add value and security by installing a paved driveway lined with small shrubs and colourful flowers. When it comes to curb appeal, a beautiful driveway says “welcome” and is a safer place than the street to park a car. When considering outdoor renovations this may not be on your list. However, do consider how a new driveway will impact your home and lifestyle.

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