There is one thing people have learnt since the onset of the covid pandemic. And that is that here are many other ways you can exercise when your usual workout environments are off-limits. Outdoor exercising has become key for both body and mental health.

There are massive benefits to exercising outdoors. Incorporating outdoor exercising into your regular workout can have many different benefits for your health.

Lower Blood Pressure with Outdoor Exercising

Regular exercise can reduce your blood pressure, and exercising outdoors can help you to reduce your stress levels. If you are working out in your surroundings, then chances are you won’t feel as pressured as you take in the beauty of nature.

Reduce Insomnia

Getting adequate Vitamin D can help you to regulate your circadian rhythm. With a more regular body clock, you can enjoy better sleeping patterns and reduce insomnia thanks to getting more natural sunlight.

Avoid working out too close to bedtime to reduce the endorphins interrupting your sleep. And the fresh air from outdoor exercising may also help you sleep better.

Lower Costs

Unless you are going to an activity club or open-air gym, outdoor exercising typically comes free. Take yourself off for a hike or a walk in a local park. Ride a bike or use equipment provided in many outdoor spaces around the country.

All you need to buy is your workout equipment, if required and any suitable clothing or footwear. If your area is under lockdown restrictions, you may want to click here to find appropriate covid safe accessories to protect yourself and others from the virus.

Variation in Workouts

Different landscapes to exercise in can change up your workout depending on the scenery. Add in hills or head to a beach for a more intense run or swim. Use items around you to help you to build your strength, coordination and mobility.

Better for the Environment

Do you drive to your local gym or fitness centre? Outdoor exercising in your local area help you to reduce your carbon footprint and it’s kinder to the environment.

Better Mood

The more time you spend outside combined with moderate exercise, the more beneficial your mental health. Exercise releases those feel-good endorphins which boost your mental health. Add to that the benefits of fresh air and outdoor exercise has so many benefits for your body and mind.

More Challenging

Exercising outdoors allows you to challenge your body in a way you can’t at the gym, from different environments and weather conditions to different terrains and facilities available.

The plus side of being able to challenge yourself is that you are more likely to stick to regular exercise. So you can enjoy many more workouts and improve your health and fitness levels.

When choosing outdoor exercising, make sure you are using appropriate sunscreen suitable for exercising and pay attention to local rules regarding restrictions. Vary your workout schedule to find the best time to visit different areas depending on how you feel regarding exercising around too many other people or having access to equipment due to choosing more popular times to workout.