If you’re a trend lover then you’ll want to avoid outdated patio trends. We love our outdoor spaces so guess what’s OUT in 2020? You’ll never guess.

A patio will always add some class to your property. It’s seen as one of the key ways to add value to your home, as well as being an excellent extension of your living space. However, don’t get stuck with outdated patio trends. As with all things, ideas for outdoor spaces come and go. In years gone by, certain things were deemed really popular.

Now, everyone’s followed these trends to the point where they’re no longer popular anymore. Naturally, you want to avoid outdated patio trends, so take a look at some of the main ones to stay clear of in 2020:

Typical garden furniture

Patios up and down the country are kitted out with typical garden furniture. Think plastic chairs, a plastic table, maybe even some type of sun lounger. These furniture choices are ancient and no longer have a place on your patio.

Now, it’s all about comfortable outdoor furniture that brings the living room vibes to your garden. Outdoor sofas are trendy right now, along with dining-room-quality tables. 

Potted plants

It used to be trendy to fill your patio with loads of potted plants. People would decorate the edges of their patio with them, aiming to give it a touch of greenness. Well, if you’re a fan of potted plants, I have some bad news. They’re no longer in fashion, well, not on a patio anyway.

The general consensus is that you should avoid littering your patio with too much stuff. Potted plants don’t add much, so they can be discarded. Move them inside the home instead – houseplants are in right now!

Flimsy umbrella coverings

Almost every patio would have an umbrella that stuck out of the table and provided shade for everyone. It seemed like the obvious thing to do, but it actually had limited capabilities. Sure, you got shade from the sun, but only in a small area. If your patio was large, the umbrella wouldn’t cover it. Plus, it offered no resistance against wind or rain.

That’s why umbrellas are a thing of the past, and everyone is opting for blinds and awnings instead. Effectively, you build a covered area off the back of your house to protect the patio. Then, you can have blinds that provide some light, and the awning protects against the elements. It’s a hot trend in places that see big fluctuations in the weather. Also, it’s touted as a way of using your patio for more months in the year. 

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can look cute, but they’re a pain to set up and take care of. Plus, the slightest bit of wind throws them all over the place. These days, fairy lights are in the bin, and more robust patio lighting is the option. Some people have lights built into the floor, while others go for a light/heater combo to help on those cold nights. 

There you go; four outdated patio trends to avoid in 2020. Does your home have any of these outdated patio trends? If it does, you better start updating it and providing a more modern look!