Keeping organised is always a good idea, it can help you stay calm and enable you to put your hands on any item you need with ease.

However, sometimes in our enthusiasm for having a place for everything we can forget organisational tips to ensure proper protection for our valuable and sentimental items.

That may mean they age more quickly or are damaged while being stored. This is, of course, completely contrary to the idea of tucking them away for safe keeping in the first place.

Luckily, it can be avoided if you follow the organisational tips below.

organisational tips

Organisational Tips for Jewellery

Jewellery is often an item that we wish to keep safe and preserve, even if it’s regularly used. That means a balance needs to be struck between accessibility, and safety.

Especially as jewellery that doesn’t store property is vulnerable to tarnishing and getting tangled up in itself.

Of course, the most obvious answer for organising this item is a jewellery box. Although, it is best to avoid one that has one single space for everything.

In fact, it’s better to pick a box or storage system that has individual compartments for different things such as watches, glasses, necklaces, and rings.

Then you reduce the danger of them getting caught up on one another and make it easier to reach them, even if you are in a rush in the mornings.

Another option that is hugely popular at the moment is to use a jewellery rack. This is a device that you attach to the wall from which you can hang different items of jewellery.

It is a useful tip for protecting your jewellery from harm because each piece can be hung separately. Also if you hang it high enough, it can keep your jewellery items away from little hands and even paws that might like to play with it and damage it by accident.

organisational tips

Organisational Tips for Photos

Photographs are another item that can easily be damaged in storage. Although there are some way so minimising this risk if you are clever.

One is to opt for photo books instead of prints and traditional albums. These are hardback books that can be kept safe on the shelf instead of stuffed away at the back of a cupboard in a box like loose prints.

They also mean you don’t have to spend ages creating an album, something that is a useful solution for the less creative and crafty among us.

You can also get some attractive and protective custom photography packaging now that can help with this problem. Such packaging is a wonderful way to ensure photos are kept in mint condition when not being displayed while ensuring they still look as special as possible.

They also make a wonderful way to give photos instead of traditional albums or cardboard frames as gifts to mark special occasions like christening and weddings.

organisational tips

Organisational Tips for Christmas Decorations

What with summer coming up, it likely that you are starting to think about getting your Christmas decorations out.

Unfortunately, these are items that often risk being damaged the most as they are got out and put away each and every year.

Luckily, some bright sparks have come up with storage, and organisational solutions that will keep your Xmas decorations in great condition.

These include things like Xmas tree bags and even bauble divers for bags or boxes that contain delicate glass decorations, so they don’t rub against each other and smash while being stacked.

Plush Design Interiors

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