Open plan interior design is more popular than ever. Traditionally, the concept of a room was known and agreed upon. Everyone knew what a room constituted and no one disagreed.

The premise what that whatever was inside four walls was considered a room. The space inside was given its own freedom and privacy.

However, contemporary home design has turned this concept literally on it’s head. Now you will find that the modern home has the bottom floor completely open.

open plan interior design
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Open floor designs are being sprung up all over the world. Not only does it save on building and construction, but it allows the ground floor to look and feel a lot larger.

The living room, landing, kitchen and dining area have all merged into one. You might be wondering why such a drastic change?

This is something that has been explored by many interior designers. However, in order to understand it the psychology of how we are choosing to live must be grasped.

The freedom of space

Many people embrace open plan interior design. Whilst this lifestyle is not for everyone, it does suit a certain type of person and family. If you like open and large spaces then you’ll probably like open plan interior design.

However, there can be downsides. There’s very little privacy in open floor plans. If you want to have a private conversation with someone, you are forced to have in the open or retreat to a bedroom.

open plan interior design
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If you want to sit in the living room quietly, that’s not possible if someone is in the kitchen chatting or cooking a meal. However, the plus for many is that you have a lot more freedom.

There’s no banging into walls or door frames. You walk around much quicker, get to where you want to be without being impeded by anything.

Being able to move around without having to constantly shift pace and change body angles, you walk in straight lines. For many, it’s quite freeing and relaxing to live this way.

Not all are the same

Not all open floor plans are the same. That’s seem a bit odd to comprehend because an open floor is just open.

However you would be surprised of how many different design choices you have that allow you to make your open floor plan completely unique. This Award Winning Home Design company is just one example of how you can design your open floor plan to fit your lifestyle and overall layout style.

open plan interior design
Plush Design Interiors

If you want the kitchen closer to the front door and the living room further back, this is something you can have done for you without question.

What if you the dining area and the kitchen to be separate and defy the norm? You can choose to put your landing wherever you want also, because instead of it being right in front of the front door it can be off to the side.

The ability to choose completely how you home will be is something that makes the open plan interior design so attractive to and relaxing.

You have complete control over how your home looks, feels and provides a living space for you.

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