Nude gardening is a wonderful way to commune with nature, grow beautiful flowers, and sustain life by growing your own fruit and vegies. But nude gardening does come with some warnings and not just privacy issues.

May 6, 2017, is World Naked Gardening Day with people across the globe nude gardening. Now that can be nakedly tending a flower box from the privacy of your fifth-floor apartment. Or it can be a community-friendly public park cleanup, sans clothing.

nude gardening

I have been nude gardening for years, in the complete privacy of my own property. There are numerous benefits including no tan lines when soaking up the beautiful rays of the sun, even in the cool of autumn.

Of course, I could just lie on a sun lounger and get the same result. But that just seems a little lazy and doesn’t allow one to commune with the birds and the bees… as it were.

Top Ten Nude Gardening Safety Tips

  1. Apply sunscreen often, especially in places that don’t usually get sun exposure
  2. Wear a hat (that’s within the nude gardening rules)
  3. Similarly, you may need to wear footwear for protection; that’s OK
  4. Take extra care when working with chemicals & fertilizer. Keep them away from your skin
  5. Watch out for insects on the ground. Avoid stepping on things that may bite or sting
  6. Yes, you can pee in the garden as urine does have nutrients. Great for lemon trees
  7. When using power equipment, such as a whipper snipper / weed wacker, take extra care
  8. Similarly, don’t mow the lawn if you think stones and ‘bits’ will fly up and hit you
  9. When bending over, ensure other people are not in the ‘line of sight’
  10. Don’t parade in front of neighbours; they may not share your views on nude gardening

nude gardening

Have Fun Nude Gardening

There is no point in forcing yourself to garden in the nude if you really don’t want to. Like most activities, have fun. There’s nothing you can do clothed that you can’t do naked when it comes to gardening; you just have to take more care.

Enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin, all over, and the gentle breeze that will tickle the tiny hairs on your arms and legs. Be relaxed. Wonderful.

Celebrate Word Naked Gardening Day in any way that’s legal and makes you comfortable.

nude gardening

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