Your next level garden is within reach with a little imagination, some planning and, of course, great style tips from Don’t Call Me Penny. You’re welcome 😉

Now, it’s not overly difficult to get a presentable garden or even a next level garden. Ensure the grass is green and trim, that the garden and patio areas are cleaned up, and you have a table and chairs. At this point you’re essentially ready to bask in the sunshine in a fairly acceptable way.

But when it comes to loving summer the proper way, then who wants to settle for ‘acceptable’? Not you, I hope. Instead, you should be aiming to create an awesome outside space, one that entertains, relaxes, and impresses in equal measure.

Here’s how to get your garden to an enviable level.

Creating A Next Level Garden: Nail the BBQ Zone

Is there anything better than a summer BBQ? Having all of your friends and family in the garden, drink in hand, with the sun shining down?

Life can be pretty awesome sometimes! In order to have those relaxed summer evenings, first you’ll need to put together your BBQ zone.

next level garden

If you have the space and budget, have decking installed. Sometimes all that is required is clip-in decking installed on a flat surface. Check out IKEA and Bunnings for cost-effective solutions.

Add a good-sized table and various chairs for people to relax on. After that, it’s all about the BBQ. Buy a top end model, and you’ll be king or queen of the grill. Ensure the BBQ suits your cooking needs, is easy to clean and has a weather cover for added protection. Nice!

Creating A Next Level Garden: Child-Friendly Fun

Not everybody needs their garden to be full of entertainment in order to enjoy it. But this most definitely does not apply to one specific demographic: children!

If they’re going to fall in love with your garden, then it has to be worthy of their love. And when it comes to kids, that means making it as exciting and fun as possible.

next level garden

It’s best to have real grass so that they can run on it, and you’ll want to add plenty of toys and games to play with. To go the extra mile, look at adding a swing set, paddling pool, or – the best of all – a treehouse.

Creating A Next Level Garden: Relaxing Spaces

When it’s sunny, you want to make sure that you’re able to be outside as much and for as long as possible. A good way to do this is to look at log cabins that are suitable for your garden.

They’ll be light, extra comfortable, and will function as something like an “outdoor room”. You should also look at adding everyone’s favourite way of relaxing: the hammock!

next level garden

It’s more than possible to spend hours lying in one of these things. When the sun is shining, you’ll be a picture of relaxation and contentment.

Creating A Next Level Garden: An Outdoor Cinema

Have you ever been to one of those cultural European cities, and watched a film on the rooftop? It’s pretty amazing. You have a giant screen, a full moon above you, and a wine in your hand. How good life can be!

While we can’t turn your garden into a full-blown cultural landscape, we can give you all the pleasures of an outdoor cinema! All you need is to buy an outdoor projector, screen, and fill your garden with some comfortable seating, and you’re done!

next level garden

The only tricky issue will be deciding which film to show. For my money, there’s no better family summer film than The Princess Bride!

Creating A Next Level Garden: Jacuzzi Stargazing

Like to take things a little easier (is that even possible with some of the suggestions we’ve already made in this article?), then we think we’ll have cracked it with this one.

If your idea of bliss is sitting in your garden, staring up at the stars as the night gets generally cooler, then look at adding a jacuzzi to your garden. They don’t require much maintenance, and can be large enough to accommodate a number of adults.

next level garden

Taubmans outdoor living room by Corella Construction

And they can be used year round, too. The next time you’re looking for a fun way to spend the evening, don’t hit the pub – jump into the jacuzzi!

Creating A Next Level Garden: Bring the Warmth

If a jacuzzi is too much for your garden, then you don’t need to settle for the indoors when the weather begins to chill. It’s super simple to add an outdoor fireplace to your garden; you can have one in the matter of a day.

next level garden

From there, it’s all about learning how to make the perfect fire; there’s an art to it. There’s nothing better than sitting outside, with a roaring campfire in front of you, as the stars begin to shine overhead.

Creating A Next Level Garden: Go Camping

Finally, why not camp outside? You’ve got grass, and a tent, so go for it. In doing so, you’ll be making the most of your garden space, and ensuring that you’re able to stay outside in the outdoors for as long as possible. The perfect summer night!

next level garden