Uros Mikic knows a thing or two about hair; men’s and women’s. His Kinky Curly Straight salon in Norwood, South Australia, is as inspiring as it is creative (see what he did to MY hair). Starting in his Mother’s hairdressing salon in Ljubljana, Slovenia, when he was just 14, Uros worked his way around the world hairdressing courtesy of a side career in Rugby.

Uros has won many national and international awards including Salon Business of The Year (2015), Rising Star Male (2014) and Men’s Photographic Awards (2014 + 2015). So when I found he had created some serious new men’s hairstyles for 2016 I HAD to show them to you.

Moski means ‘man’ in Slovenian so this collection pays homage to Uros’ homeland and the handsome European man. What’s not to love?

I wanted to create a beautiful elegant image, the type we usually see in women’s photography but rarely in men’s. I feel that seeing the latest men’s fashion this beautiful imagery of guys is what we are heading towards in 2016. Uros Mikic


Dark and elegant, rich and mysterious. A true gentleman that seduces with his clean looks and fashionable styling.

new men's hairstyles for 2016

Ralph Lauren

The American youthfulness of the textured cut with easy cool styling; so typical of the lacrosse players from Ivy League colleges.

new men's hairstyles for 2016


Sleek and polished, prim and proper, exuding British elegance and style.

new men's hairstyles for 2016


Funky yet elegant, this guy loves playing with textures and layers while still keeping the hairstyle in control.

new men's hairstyles for 2016


Mysteriously European, exotic, deep in thought, with curls of which any Spaniard would be proud.

new men's hairstyles for 2016


Classic, with an edgy touch. The elegant James Dean-esque vibe bringing the man quiff into the new era.

new men's hairstyles for 2016

Can you see your man in one of these fantastic new men’s hairstyles for 2016?

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