If you saw some of my Instagram posts, you will have seen the amazing selection of Maybelline makeup I was sent to try.
Madeline Cavanagh is a part-time model and make-up artist who is also a reader of Don’t Call Me Penny. She was keen to try some products and provide her feedback to you. Trying new makeup is always exciting so here’s what Madeline tried and what she thought.

Madeline says.

I’ll start with what I’m impressed with about the new makeup!  Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. Although the foundation wasn’t my true colour, it still blended in really well. Even wearing it all day didn’t make my face feel like concrete, considering I didn’t use any primers. It went on smoothly and looked really natural (great for a summer glow look, no powder was needed and that’s something I would NEVER do with my MAC foundation.)


The Master Sculpt contouring kit is not too bad…. Yes, it’s new makeup but it’s a bad idea having both colours right next to each other. A double flip case would work better. I found both colours got lost with each other and my beauty counter was covered with excess powder from the hard, strange shaped brush that was included. Very subtle colours, considering I’m quite pale. I would choose a darker colour next time.


The Color Molten eyeshadow pigments seemed strong in the pallet until I applied tthem o my eyelids. The colours disappeared after a little blending. I used the colour “endless mocha” and was going for a dark chocolate smokey eye but ended up with a very subtle version.

The Hyper Sharp Wing Liquid Liner pen! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!! I could have really used it when I was 15. Haha. OK, it’s new makeup, WONDERFUL. It went on really smoothly with a great pointed tip. It just took a little bit of wiggling of the tip to get the eyeliner flowing. There was no worries in having too much on my brush, ending in uneven lines and bulky tips to your winged liner. 100% recommend. (Just feels like there’s not much product in the pen, we’ll see how long it lasts)


The Super Stay 24-hour Bold Matte Lipstick is pretty darn good…. Oh boy does it stay on…. And doesn’t really come off, haha! Besides the fact it’s pretty darn hard to remove, the pigments are really vibrant and a great brush for application.

I’ll do another look next week with my new makeup using a darker black/navy blue Color Molten palette and do a really dark sultry look, plus big colourful lips.

And some colourful nails. PS: the nail polish is great! I did a quick application 7 days ago and TODAY is the first day I’ve chipped them. One week of perfect natural nails is so rare to find, easy for acrylic but natural nails seem to struggle to hold onto paint.

Stay tuned for what Madeline does with Navy/Black and colourful lips. See more at Maybelline and And you can follow Madeline on Instagram. #RussianHoney


Did you find Madeline’s trial of new makeup useful? Have you had similar makeup experiences when you’ve tried new makeup?

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