New house party ideas will have your new home warmed up in no time. House warming parties, that it is.

You’ve just moved in. It’s taken you a couple of weeks to make your new house into your own. So now it’s time to invite people over with a few new house party ideas

Housewarming parties are still very much alive although they don’t get mentioned as much as they used to. Perhaps you think all the ideas that have ever been done before are right there for you to Google.

new house party ideas
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You don’t want to be generic and do what everyone else has done in the past. Your home is special to you. Now that your closest friends and family are going to come over, you need some memorable things for them to do.

However whatever those activities are, they need to involve the new home in some kind of way. You’re not using your new home as merely a roof over your head while you have fun.

It’s supposed to be a celebration of your new decor, interior design and a lovely place on this earth where you have privacy and calm. So you need these new house party ideas.

New House Party Ideas: Guess The Material

The reason why you wait a couple of weeks before you have a housewarming party is because you need your home to actually feel like your home. This means having all the furniture and decor you require delivered to your new address.

As a game, you can play guess the material. You can have you guests put on blindfolds and walk around the home feeling the different textures of your decor. Guests can slide their palms over the sofa and guess if it’s made from leather, suede or a natural fabric.

They can do the same to your dining table and chairs. You could have wooden seats but the table is made from tempered glass. The guest to get the most correct guesses is awarded some kind of prize which is up to your liking.

Sit and eat

One of the best things to do in any kind of housewarming event is to eat your first meal together. It’s a kind of Christening of the home to have the very first meal with family and friends.

Sat in among the new walls and decor, you should enjoy all the foods that make you happiest. For those that have sweet tooth you can cater for them if you order cupcakes online.

You can get all kinds of spongers and flavored icing so everyone has their kind of cupcake waiting for them as desert or perhaps as a snack.

Fancy Dress!

If you want an awesome way to settle into your new home, you can look into throwing a fancy dress party. These are amazing fun, you get to see some pretty cool costumes, and we’re sure that you can find a costume shop near you to get what you are looking for yourself. It’s a great way to break the ice with your new neighbours as well which is a huge bonus!

Tour the garden

Don’t forget that the garden is one of the areas that should also be given a tour. Many housewarming parties will have a full house tour to display the rooms and various features of the home.

However the garden is not an area you should leave behind. Although it might be rustic and a little rough, you can share ideas of what to do with the space.

new house party ideas
Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

If you can time it right, do your housewarming party in spring or summer. The sunshine and natural light will show the best of your home both externally and internally.

Having your very first meal with all the people you care about most is definitely something that should be on the cards for the event.