New home building has always been popular even though there is a huge resurgence in home renovations.

Land parcels are opening up outside city limits so the CBD is no longer the focus for many families. The flexibility for new home building in even semi-rural areas has gained popularity. Communications and ease of travel mean many former employees are starting their own business and working from home.

In moving away from the city and starting a business many new home building projects are also managed by owner-builders. However, there are still three vital areas owner-builders MUST have covered.

new home building

New Home Building and What You NEED To Know

Get Experienced Help

As a novice home builder, building a home can be a very long, difficult and extensive job to undertake — so, you need to have some knowledgeable help on your side.

And the first knowledgeable helper with whom you should get in touch is a building consultancy. Such a consultancy will offer you sound, professional help and advice when it comes to the physical new home building, the design of it, the building reports required, the licenses needed, and everything regarding the project and inspection management.

All components of new home building are very, very important and cannot be overlooked. Starting with this type of professional support is imperative.

new home building

Plan, Plan, Plan

New home building isn’t as easy as rokcing up to your land with a bucket of bricks and some cement (I wish it was).

No, before any building takes place you need to start planning. And one hugely important plan that needs hatching is your floor plan.

You should use professional floor plan software to create the blueprint of your build. Well, you should do that if you don’t want to accidentally build a bathroom where your kitchen should have been. Your builder, electrican, plumber, roofing contrcator, etc, will require professional plans.

Consider everything you need in your new home and what you’d LIKE in your new – number of bedrooms, ensuite and bathrooms, living spaces, wet areas (will the kitchen have a butlers pantry? will the laundry have a mud room?), garage and sheds, a pool, garden, etc.

new home building

Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design

Think about access in relation to the site, views, privacy, neighbours, your outdoor activities, etc. Think about your budget in relation to room sizes, ceiling height, number of windows, and quality of materials for finishes.

Take your floor plan ideas to an Architect or Building Designer as they will create workable drawings, gain required approvals, and advise on contractors, engineering and soil reports, etc. Because if new home building isn’t your profession you WILL need professional help.

And that includes a home stylist or interior designer to help you with colours and choices for flooring, tiles, fabrics, lighting, and much more.

new home building

new home building

Survey, Survey, Survey

Once the building is finished it’s not the end of your owner-builder adventure. Depending on where you live, you may have to have progress and end of build inspections or surveys.

Before you move in to your new home you may have to have the building surveyed professionally.

You may be required to allow a professional surveying company to enter your home to ensure compliance and safety. They wil check building workmanship, suitability of materials used, plumbing, wiring, and other regulatory stipulations.

New home building requires more planning than these three vital points and takes a hell of a lot longer to do than it was to read this article.

new home building

However, this general advice does cover three very important components of your new build. Seek professional building help, plan everything meticulously, and have the building surveyed or inspected for faults that could be seriously detrimental.

If you do take this general advice your new home building and eventual glorious home will turn out to be a very, very smart move.

new home building

Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design

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Yes, we provide professional interior design services in Adelaide and virtual services for other cities. Please contact us for more information.

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