New Aura textiles have been released for bed and bath, and I love them.

I always look forward to each new range that Tracie Ellis designs for Aura; it’s always on-trend…in fact, it often leads the trends. Her new range of neon bedding and towels, new Aura textiles for bed and bath, is a great example. I love the neon brights paired with white, grey, charcoal and black.

new aura textiles

If you also like industrial decor or concrete chic then this exuberant range is ideal for you. The vibrant orange, neon yellow and delicious mint brazenly tease the modern industrial palette and the geometric shapes keep things very on-trend. Having said that, these new Aura textiles for bed and bath will also fit perfectly with other decor too – retro with pops of colour, modern minamalist, even rustic with lashings of stone and wood will provide a dynamic backdrop.

new aura textiles new aura textiles new aura textiles

In creating the new Aura textiles for bed and bath, Tracie Ellis, Creative Director for Aura, says we gravitate toward darker and more neutral shades with the onset of cooler weather. She says we also actively seek out softer, more velvety textures to temper the chill.

But we must be careful not to become consumed by the middle tones, always remember that it’s the most vibrant and exuberant of colours that make up winter’s most complementary companions. Let neon lime and orange poppy shine alongside blazing flashes of fiery coral. Or why not lay down a touch of rose and mint, and let flickers of metallics lighten the mood? This is the season of texture and tone, of line and form, when the nights are longer, and our beds are loved all more for it.

new aura textiles new aura textiles new aura textiles new aura textiles

What do you think of this stunning new Aura textiles range? Will you be adding some vibrant neon to your textiles this winter? What is your favourite textile for winter?

Additional Images : Bathroom interior design by Mr Mitchell Interior Designers and AuHaus Architecture.