It’s personal, but do you need to lose weight? In these COVID-19 times, gyms and health spas are closed with more people finding it difficult to exercise. And binge-watching Netflix can lead to us eating more snacks. So what are the signs you need to lose weight?

For some people, the need to lose weight is when they can’t fit into their favorite jeans or notice their abdomen is protruding over their waistline a little more than it used too.

For others, it’s something they just accept as the natural part of the aging process and feel powerless to combat it. However, with obesity becoming a serious health concern around the world, people need to start eating more healthfully and becoming fit and trim. It’s only for their own good. 

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you need to deprive yourself of certain foods or go on a strict diet that is going to make you miserable. It is simply about making healthy decisions. For example, adding superfoods like Styrian pumpkin seed oil to your diet can bring you a wealth of benefits. Also, make switches. Instead of having spaghetti, why not opt for wholemeal pasta or, even better, courgetti? 

Working out also plays a vital role in terms of losing weight. You need to make sure you’re burning enough calories. Try to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise five days per week. If you find yourself getting bored, simply switch it up!

Although the decision to lose weight brought about by a myriad of circumstances. Here are some concrete signs you may need to lose weight:

Sugar Fix + Staying At Home

Dying for those donuts? When the body seeks out foods high in sugar and fat, it is trying to tell you something. You need to reverse this and make sure your body seeks out good food, which provide nourishment. 

Spending more time at home? People that are overweight tend to avoid social engagements or interaction. They slow down physically as well.

You can’t handle a flight of steps? When what is a normal, non-demanding physical activity knocks the absolute Dejesus out of you, it could be a sign that it is time to get fit.

Need to throw out your entire wardrobe? For many people, this is the number one motivating factor in beginning a weight loss program.

Check Your Feelings

How do you feel? Are you becoming sick more often, experiencing nagging aches and pains, or acid reflux? Your weight could be adversely affecting your health. You will be surprised by how much better you feel after making your routine so healthy. 

Did someone in your family say something? This is another big reason people start a diet. Saying it out loud makes it real and also affects your self-esteem. It can be very upsetting to hear, but it can also give you the kickstart you need to become healthier and happier!

Do your feet and knees hurt? Many people that are overweight have very sore feet or a lot of knee pain by the end of the day because they have been supporting and too many pounds.

Is The Need To Lose Weight Making You Depressed?

Are you blue? Depression is a common reason many people begin the downward spiral into obesity. They no longer care enough to take proper care of themselves.

Do you hide when it’s mealtime or eat on the sly? This occurs when people feel guilty about their excess weight and eating habits. It plays havoc with your mental stability.

If you need professional help, see your Doctor or find resources from places like Beyond Blue or Lifeline. You don’t have to suffer alone. There are people ready to help you without judgement and lots of resources to help you.

If you notice any of the indicators mentioned above, why not make a few switches to your routine and see how you feel afterwards? Or seek professional help today.