Music festival style has been rock star led by people including Kate Moss and Katy Perry. So let’s be honest, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid make it look as if going to a festival is super easy.

In the rock star and fashion model world, the sun always shines and flower crowns will make every outfit instantly amazing! However, us mere mortals don’t have a hotel to decamp to. You didn’t have a stylist plan your wardrobe with meticulous detail and the cute, flowery playsuits and barely-there sundresses look nothing like the old t-shirts, shorts and skater dress you’ve packed. Because away from the VIP tent music festival style tends to get a little messy!

Whether it’s Glastonbury, Burning Man or Coachella you’ve got no idea what the weather’s going to be like. So even though you see endless images of cute sliders, flip flops and boots your best bet is a pair of wellies just in case things get muddy!

music festival style

ZZ Top at Glastonbury

Music Festival Style: It’s All About The Layers

When it comes to festival fashion you, unlike Taylor, can’t ask her assistant to go get her a new dress because she’s too hot in the one she’s wearing. You’re also going to have to carry your wardrobe with you. Everything you own will be in a rucksack which means don’t take anything that wrinkles or rips easily. Your best bet, in this case, is denim, lots of denim and maybe a bit of plaid. Denim is a super hardy fabric, will keep you warm if things get chilly and you can just roll it up in the bottom of your bag and forget about it.

Think denim dungarees paired with a white t-shirt and your trusty Wellington boots, a pair of cut-offs and a strappy top with a plaid shirt knotted over it. You could even wear a denim skirt, so you’ll have the freedom of being able to climb over something, or more likely someone, without flashing your underwear to the entire festival. Plaid shirts, cotton tops and long sleeved thin fleeces will keep you comfy, and it won’t matter if they get dirty either. Another thing to remember is that once you’ve left your tent in the morning, it’s much harder to get back to it during the day than last thing at night.

music festival style

Why? Festivals are busy places, you decide to go get your spare camera battery, and you could end up losing your friends for hours. Don’t forget you’re also there to listen to music – that’s why you’ve paid for a ticket so dressing in layers means that if you get too warm, you can just take your jacket off and tie it around your waist! Don’t forget to pack a bandana or scarf too!

After a couple of days, your hair’s going to lose it’s salon shine so a scarf can tie back dirty hair once it starts getting a little greasy. A bonus tip is to pack dry hair shampoo so things don’t get too out of control and make sure you pack plenty of baby wipes as that may be the closest thing you come to a proper wash for several days.

music festival style

Music Festival Style: Pack A Mac (as in Raincoat)

You’re going to think that I’m stating the obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many festival goers forget to pack a mac or thin jacket and end up soaked. Fashioning a black bin liner into a poncho probably isn’t the festival look you were going for. If you only take one thing with you, please make sure it’s a pack-a-mac, it’ll roll up into the corner of your rucksack where, hopefully, it’ll lie unused. But if there is a sudden downpour you’ll be very grateful you have it. Don’t forget a Mac, or plastic raincoat doesn’t just go around you, it’ll protect you from the ground you’re sitting on if it’s wet or dirty. Simply carry it around on your wrist. Many Macs have umbrella-like loops or shove it in the bottom of your bag.

Then, even if it’s not raining, you’ve got a lovely clean, warm and most importantly dry item of clothing to sit on. If you are caught in a thunderstorm, dashing into your tent to change will take much longer than whipping your wet jacket off. Pull your Mac on so at least you won’t have wet clothing sitting next to your skin which could cause you to catch a cold. Trust me, the last thing you want at a festival is to feel sick!

music festival style

Music Festival Style: Believe In Bumbags and Fanny Packs

I know they’re not the most flattering of items, but you’ll be able to keep all your precious belongings safer. Bumbags and fanny packs are incredibly practical as you don’t need to hold onto a bag strap all day. Luckily, festival fashion is nothing if not adventurous and a quick search for designer handbags will also give you options for bumbags that don’t make you look like a tourist.

Plus, if it’s good enough for the likes of Alexa Chung and Kate Moss we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find a bag that doesn’t just store your essentials but looks cool too. Another option is a cross body bag that sits facing you at the side. It’s harder for pickpockets who regularly target festival goers that they believe have cash. Which reminds me, the VIP tent might take Visa but remember you’re in the middle of a field, so it’s probably best to stick to coins and notes.

music festival style

Music Festival Style: Ditch The Designer Gear

You might want to look cool but do you also want to shell out hundreds of dollars on brand new clothes to replace everything that got ripped or stained? Backstage is an entirely different world to out on the grass so don’t let their pristine designer shades, too cool for school skirts and beautiful floral dresses fool you.

Things get messy at festivals very quickly. Someone will throw or more likely spill beer or you may fall in a particularly sticky patch of mud. You’ll be so grateful you’ve found something that looks edible you’ll end up tearing into it with all the table manners zombie. We repeat this is not the place for brand new threads. Take clothes that are at least last season, have rips and holes and aren’t worth a fortune! And you’ll look like a rock star.

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