Moving house mistakes are made by everyone because it’s generally a stressful, busy and hectic time. But it doesn’t need to be the kind of head-boiling day it’s often characterized to be.

It’s the moving house mistakes you make that can make it such a hassle. However, the can be easily avoided… so avoid the with these tips.

Moving House Mistakes #1: Taking Everything You Own

Moving to a new home provides an opportunity of which so many fail to capitalise. Through the years, you’ve probably built a collection of, let’s be frank, junk that should no longer have a home. For weeks before the move, you should be taking the opportunity to sell what you can and donate what you can’t. If you’re taking with you outfits that haven’t been worn in years or knick-knacks that spend their time hidden away, you’re doing it wrong.

moving house mistakes

Moving House Mistakes #2: Thinking You Can Do It Alone

You need some help, there’s no doubt about that. Whether it’s some friends that you pay with a bottle of wine or an organized, professional removalist, you can’t do without someone helping to transport everything you own. Processes like manoeuvring a sofa out of the house can take one team alone a lot of time. Don’t let it bottleneck the whole day. Ensure that another team is still working even when one is slightly stuck.

Moving House Mistakes #3: Treating All Items As Equal

You’re going to be adding a lot more work to the move by not making the management of all your stuff simple to deal with. Keep the biggest pieces of furniture closest to the doors so that they’re moved first as they will always take up the most space. Then make sure your boxes are marked, whether it’s with room names or a code of coloured post-it notes. If you can, mark the room in which the box goes.That way, you won’t have to spend as much time moving boxes to the right rooms all on your own. Numbering each box is also a huge timesaver. Mark from 1 to however many you have, say 45. In black texta write ‘1 of 45′, 2 of 45’ etc and then ensure 45 boxes are delivered.

moving house mistakes

Moving House Mistakes #4: Trying To Clean Before You Move

Moving day is a messy day. All the dust that you think might have been banished with that spring clean is going to come out in full force when you’re shifting all the furniture. Save the deep clean of the home for when it’s empty. It’s a lot easier when you have less furniture and objects to work around.

Moving House Mistakes #5: Not Having An Overnight Bag

Even if you perfectly manage your move, chances are that you’re not going to get everything unpacked on the first night. If you can, great. It’s best to get everything in place sooner rather than living out of your boxes. But make sure you have an overnight bag packed with all your essentials so that you’re able to at least relax and spend the first evening comfortably in your new home.

Prepare for the reality of moving day and the little surprises that all build up and make it so stressful. Then, surprisingly, those surprises won’t be there on moving day. Instead, you’ll have things packed and shifted like a pro so you actually have some time to relax and maybe even unpack in your new home.

moving house mistakes