We all need more romance, right? If you have a steady partner you may need more romance. But if you’re single, you’ll love these tips to invite more romance, and confidence, into your life.

It’s often easy to think that romance is dead. The impartial nature of swiping someone left or right reduces them to a few biography markers or online statistics. Hardly a good start to more romance.

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The hookup culture seems to be more celebrated than ever. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking for anything you can to criticise the other person.

It’s a wonder how we find anyone worth entering a romantic union with at all.

But romance isn’t dead. Far from it, in fact. You just need to look in the right places, and implement more optimism into your approach.

more romance

No matter if you’re single, in a relationship or have been happily married for decades. There are often a range of potential considerations that might help you restore your faith in marriage, encourage more romance and feel confident as a result.

Then you’ll see just how much positivity you have to enjoy, and how wrong your initial pessimistic viewpoint might have been:

Give More People A Chance

When we’re looking online at dating profiles, or being set up with a friend’s friend, or even meeting someone who seems to spontaneously ask us for dinner, it can be the easiest thing in the world to find reasons to decline.

Of course, you should never, ever feel obligated or pushed into dating someone, this should never be a chore but something you are enthusiastic about.

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But sometimes, widening your criteria a little could surprise you. We are in no way suggesting that you are superficial or look at the wrong set of criteria. It’s a very human thing to have your own tastes.

However, those tastes aren’t going to be the thing that sustains you through a relationship. Yet they could blind you to the inner value someone has, which will minimise having more romance.

For example, if someone quite overweight asks you out, you might consider this person to be contrary to your fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to dismiss them as someone who lacks discipline, and might bring that into your life.

But what you might not see behind the scenes is the weight they have lost in the last year, and the weight they put on through comforting themselves due to the sudden loss of their parents.

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Before you know it you have opened yourself up to an opportunity looking a little further than that presented to you, and you might find the soul mate you have been interested in.

Of course, this is a highly specific, extremely convenient and quite unlikely scenario, but it illustrates that sometimes, we can be most surprised and enraptured by the people we initially thought had little value to us romantically.

Celebrate The Truth Of Feeling

It’s very easy to dismiss anything romantic as being cringeworthy, or insincere, or perhaps easy to grow out of.

It’s true that no relationship will remain in its honeymoon stage forever, but that hardly precludes the very real presence of more romance, and just how great it can make you feel.

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Never think that the time-honored methods of showing affection are obsolete. It might be you care for flower delivery as a gesture to someone you care about, or perhaps even something silly such as writing them a poem when you start to feel true feelings.

The application matters, but more is your feeling behind it. Mostly, it’s that feeling vulnerable and able to open up to someone in this manner is important.

Sincerity is a valuable thing, especially in a world where social media seems to preclude or suggest that it’s no longer a real thing.

Let More Romance Make You Better

When we are interested in romance, it can help us stay at the top of our game. Keeping virtuous in our actions, staying in shape, taking care of our minds all becomes something that helps us not only be more secure in ourselves, but also helps us enjoy the romantic process much more deeply.

Letting more romance make you better can help you feed positive energy into that situation, and support someone as much as they support you. This is where the real truth of romance lies.

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Of course, attraction, connection, intimacy all matter and are essential for any fundamentally healthy relationship. But these work in tandem to allow you the ability to feel confident and comfortable in yourself, to have a rock by your side and also be that rock for someone else.

And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

All images courtesy of Pexels

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