Modern glamour? I’m your girl. Think Art Deco, classic 60s’, Emma Peel, Palm Springs, Palazzo style, elegant and cool.

Modern glamour is really just reinvented old glamour, and the fabulous rules still apply. Make a statement but play it cool. So how can you achieve that?

Modern glamour style is seriously grown-up and also playful. It’s not a severe or minimalist style, it’s about creating contrast, playing with textures, using glass and metal to great effect, and cocooning your home in.. well…. GLAM.


modern glamour

DXV create meticulous and innovative kitchen and bathroom tapware at

The Scintillating Surprises of Modern Glamour

Create surprises by using the best of different styles, such as Asian mixed with French vintage. Place painted Asian chairs either side of a French baroque armoire or hall table.

Be unpredictable by contrasting different elements – rough with smooth, bold with minimal, glossy with matte, old with new – this creates delightful tension in a room.

For example, place a bold, colourful rug onto a polished concrete floor, or mix white glossy furniture with steely metal and luxurious marble. However, use only one contrasting idea per room.


modern glamour

Create tension with contrasts, such as the rough stone fireplace with the smooth polished table, from Design Stories,

The Tactile Elements of Modern Glamour

Use tactile textiles such as velvet, chenille, silk and damask with textured linens patterned with graphic geometrics, stylised florals, and bold colours. Metallic geometric patterned fabric on leather with sheepskin. Invite people to ‘touch and feel’ your decor… luxuriate in it.

Think beyond curtains and cushions; consider covering the doors of an old storage unit in fabric and adding faceted glass handles.

Tactile wallpapers are increasingly popular for modern glamour that’s stylish and surprising. You’ll find wallpapes in velvet flock, seagrass, linen and even finely crushed glass and tiny faux crystals.

Textured wallpaper in a chic bathroom from Urrutia Design,


modern glamour

Arlo & Jacob glamorous peacock blue velvet sofa

The Vibrant Elements of Modern Glamour

There is so much colourful art glass around the vintage and antique shops you are bound to find interesting and unusual shapes.

Choose bold colours such as turquoise, amber, yellow, bronze, citrus, orange, red, green and stark white. Create a collection in the middle of a marble dining table or at one end of a hall table beside asian-inspired wall art.

Wallpaper is so glamorous and chic these days with patterns from the iconic Florence Broadhurst through to Palm Springs style bamboo and floral prints. I don’t recommend this with paint, but with wallpaper you CAN cover one wall in a room for the greatest impact. Look for muted colours, such as charcoal, bronze, and emerald in a bold pattern or motif to create a glamorous backdrop.

modern glamour

Clara Bona for Studio98 in Italy, shows how dynamic and glamorous black and gold can be.


Create smart and effortless comfort with a hanging bamboo chair – include a fabulous stylised floral cushion and faux fur throw for added appeal – and oversized sofas.

Add feather filled cushions covered in bold and glamorous designs, and sink into a cocooned space with a dirty martini.

Modern glamour isn’t about being perfect; it’s eclectic and surprising. Gain inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock movies and early James Bond girls & hotel decor.

Check out some classic Palm Springs homes owned by the real movie stars of the 30’s to the 60’s. Watch ‘Casino’ with Sharon Stone and make this fabulous modern glamour your own.

Modern Glamour Interior Design

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