Mobility loss is often something home owners don’t anticipate when they build or buy their dream home. But it doesn’t mean you have to sell.

Becoming less mobile is something that impacts millions. Whether it’s due to age, injuries, or trauma doesn’t matter. It can make life a little more difficult. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome mobility loss and enjoy your home.

Here are five mobility loss ideas that can help you restore maximum enjoyment of your property. In turn, they establish the perfect foundations for a satisfying life too. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

5 Ways to Overcome Mobility Loss In Your Home

#1. Downsize

It may seem an extreme solution, but downsizing may be the best option. It will give you a chance to find a ground floor property, making life a lot easier. Moreover, the revenue gained from selling your home can create extra capital.

This can be especially useful if you have recently retired or will be approaching that stage shortly. Besides, if mobility is an issue, there’s little point in having wasted spaces anyway. Alternatively, re-arrange the rooms in your house so you can have better access. For example, turn a separate dining room in to your bedroom.

If you are left with un-used space, especially upstairs then consider renting out a room. It’s good extra income too.


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#2. Reduce Maintenance

When mobility loss is an issue, the toughest challenge is keeping the home in great condition. After all, the initial transformation only requires a one-time effort. Therefore, you should opt for items that won’t require long-term work and maintenance.

Artificial lawns are a fantastic example, but there are plenty more for internal elements too. Opt for easier care surfaces and textiles. Utilise lower cupboard space. Install slip-proof tiles in the bathroom or waterproof engineered wood floors in the kitchen.


#3. Add Comfort

Whatever happens in life, your property should feel like home. With this in mind, comfort is king. Visit to discover the best furniture for people with mobility loss issues.

Get those products in place while adapting your bathing facilities, and your home will feel better than ever. In addition to aiding your happiness around the home, it should save valuable time on a whole host of daily activities. Perfect.


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#4. Increase Safety

A safe home is a happy home, and this is particularly pertinent when you have mobility issues. Nothing is worse than feeling vulnerable inside your own property. You can find out about the latest home security tools at

Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you take the necessary precautions inside the home by removing potential dangers. It may also be worth installing cords that can alarm emergency services should you have a fall. Or invest in a personal alarm for your wrist or to wear as a necklace.


#5. Let There Be Light

Mobility issues can darken your spirits, particularly when the home feels gloomy too. Adding more natural sunlight to the home instantly makes it brighter and better. Natural light also contributes to feelings of pleasure and restfulness. Furthermore, it can actively reduce the chances of trips and falls as you’ll be able to see things properly.

Finally, the fact it will provide the home with a bigger appearance is especially important if you have downsized in the process. For the sake of a relatively small, the impact it can have on your life is huge.

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Mobility loss shouldn’t prevent you from living an incredible life, especially at home. Use those five simple tips to find a way of modifying the home until it’s fit for you, and you’ll be winning at life in no time.