Metal décor is a flexible, textural and surprisingly warm addition to your interior decorating plans. From wall art to splashbacks and laser-cut door panels, take another look at metal décor options.

Typically, metal sheet laminates are used for splashbacks, feature walls, and ceilings. Wherever you’d consider using tiles, except flooring and shower cubicles, you can use metal tiles or metal laminate sheets.

Metal décor is perfect for highly reflective surfaces that make small spaces appear larger, so it’s perfect for tiny houses. Different finishes can follow a décor theme including modern, rustic, industrial, futuristic, luxury, and more. And metal works beautifully with wood.

Unique and beautifully designed metal sheet laminates, such as those from That Metal Company in Bowral, are Class-A fire rated, can be curved on a wall for great effect, and are easily laser cut or digitally printed. Metal décor is easy to install and easy to clean; perfect.

Warm Metal Décor

Add warmth with finishes that include rose gold, bronze, brass, gold, copper, even pink and emerald. In matte, polished, brushed, and burnished finishes warm metal compliments wood, black, white, cream, and granite (to name a few).

Pull décor together by picking some warm metals and including them in wall art, a side table, and object d’art. Choose fabrics that mimic metals, such as a coppery velvet, or add a metal top to an upholstered ottoman.

Consider how to add metal décor in lighting. This is perhaps one of the easiest as there are so many metal options. However, there are highly stylish options that are more works of art than utilitarian. has a beautiful range of stunning chandeliers and sconces that will add luxury to your metal décor.

Cool Metal Décor

Décor should be a composition of warm and cool elements. If you want to add that cool element with metal then choose silver, grey, aluminum, slate, slate blue, smoke, or stainless steel.

Cool metal décor looks fabulous with hot colours including pink, orange, red, and yellow. Think beyond splashbacks. Wall art and furniture trims become very unique when styled with metal. Co-ordinating metal furniture with metal wall art and mixing hot colours in the textiles is a chic way to incorporate metal décor.

Laser Cut Metal Décor

Laser cut metal is an excellent option for privacy screens, either indoors or under a pergola. Create truly unique metal décor by using laser cut screens as sliding window treatments, wardrobe door panels, as a room divider, or at the back of shelving.

There are so many uses for metal to create unique décor. I’ll be featuring more specific room-by-room options in the coming weeks. If you are redecorating, definitely discover how amazing metal can be.

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Header image courtesy of Jon Allan Metal Wall Art. For other image credits, please click the photo and be transported to the designer’s website.