‘Me time’ seems to be a source of great guilt for so many parents. Why is it so hard to fit in some me time and not feel like you’re neglecting your family?

If you are part of a busy family, in a relationship, or spend a lot of time in the office then you may start to feel a little bit of brain fog.  Humans are naturally social creatures and enjoy being a part of a busy pack. However, we also need a little time to ourselves to take stock of life and stay in touch with ourselves. And you DON’T need to feel guilty about that.

Find Me Time With Yoga

One of the best ways to enjoy me time is by taking up yoga or meditation.  Yoga helps to increase your body awareness and increase your suppleness.  Yoga will also strengthen your muscles which will help keep you moving and fit in older life.  However, it is the breathing techniques and quiet calm movements that will help focus your mind and keep you level-headed no matter what life throws at you.  Yoga can be very beneficial when you are in a stressful period at work or if the family are driving you mad.

To be able to take control of your mind, accept outside noises whilst maintaining calm, is a brilliant skill to have.  You can find lots of yoga classes which can be taken inside or out on the beach or in the park.  You can also do yoga at home by watching online videos or purchasing a book.  The best time to practice yoga is first thing in the morning to help awaken your body or last thing at night to help you unwind from the daily grind.

me time

Find Me Time by Walking

Something as simple as taking a walk can change your outlook on many situations.  Quite often a walk will calm us down and help us work through any arguments or difficult decisions you have to face.  The fresh air, combined with the positive buzz that exercise gives you means you can think clearer and be more constructive.  Take yourself off every day for a little walk outside, even if the weather isn’t up to much, a walk in the rain can be really refreshing and help you get in touch with all your senses.

me time

Find Me Time Enjoying Entertainment

Do you often head out to watch bands or see some brilliant sporting events?  You don’t have to do this with your family.  You can have just as much time going solo. The Ticket Merchant can give you some great inspiration for days out.  Plus the best thing is you don’t have to worry about other people enjoying it or whipping off for snacks and toilet breaks 4 or 5 times for various mates or your children.

Enjoy Me Time By Being Alone

Of course, sometimes it’s not possible to give yourself loads of time, if this is the case then buy a really good book.  Run a deep bath, lock the door and soak yourself until you are a prune whilst indulging in a fantastic holiday romance or crime thriller.  You can really lose yourself in a novel and it may just help you feel you have reclaimed a little bit of me time.

Me time is really important, so don’t put it off.  Hide away on your own whenever you can.

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