How to maximize space is the war cry of every home dweller. Of course, decluttering is the word on everyone’s lips, but what if you can maximize space without having a huge cleanout?

Many people complain that they don’t have enough space but are you making the most of yours? When you look more closely at your home you’ll probably find more space than you thought you had. There are so many ways to use space better so your life will feel less cramped and claustrophobic. Read on to find out more about what I mean.

You Could Almost Certainly Maximize Space In Your Garage Or Shed

If you have a garage or a shed, it’s almost certain that you’re wasting or underutilizing the space. It’s easy to litter up a garage or shed with junk and ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit somewhere else. Now think about this; do you have an old garage door that takes up a lot of space to open and close? Create more space by getting a new door from There are a variety of slimline garage doors that may fold back to the sides (if you have a mid-century modern or classic home) or snuggle up into the ceiling, right out of the way.

Think more strategically about how to use the walls and roof of your garage.

If you have tools and boxes lying around then invest in some garage storage & security items like tool boxes and shelving. Having random items put away and on shelving will create more space than you can imagine. Don’t forget the ceiling. Many garages not attached to the house will have a slanted roof with level framing on which you can place planks. Store items you use infrequently by carefully securing them along the horizontal boards. Or buy a peg board from any hardware store, fix to the wall and hang items on short pieces of doweling to suit your needs.

Install some decent lights and find a better way to use the garage space you have created. A fold-a-way table tennis table, permanent pool table, gym equipment, or even a home office are great ways to use the extra space.

Have You Thought About How To Maximize Space In Your Loft?

When was the last time you ventured up into your loft or ceiling space? If the answers is when you put your Christmas decorations back up there in January, then you’re probably not making the most of the space. Smart people opt for a loft conversion. This can have a real impact on the space on offer in your home. Of course, it can be a little expense. But you will add an extra room to your home that can be better utilized as an additional bedroom or bathroom. In the long-term, this will add plenty of value to your property, which can only be positive.


Yes, You Can Maximize Space In A Spare Room That’s A Clutter Room

Spare rooms so often go to waste, and with that a wonderful opportunity to create the space you don’t think you have. Rooms that get filled up with junk and are not really useable are taken for granted. However, this is where some decluttering and allowing a room to breathe really pays dividends. Grab three large garbage bags

Grab three large garbage bags; one for ‘keep’, one for ‘toss’, and one for ‘donate’. Allocate everything in the room to either one bag or one bag category (if it’s furniture you can’t put it in a bag) and be RUTHLESS. See more decluttering tips here.

Once you can see the floor, take out everything that’s to be tossed or donated. Allocate a drawer, cupboard, or shelf to what you want to keep. You should now have a useable room that can be anything you like, even a home office to help keep other areas of your life organized.

Maximize Space By Rearranging The Furniture (Yes, Really)

Finally, have you ever thought about how you arrange your furniture? You may have heard interior designers talk about the ‘flow’ of the house. Furniture can be arranged to maximize flow – the ease with which traffic flows through the house. When furniture arrangement is wrong it wastes space. For example, placing big items in small spaces or choosing furniture doesn’t suit the size and shape of the room. Think about how you can switch things around and get more out of the space you have. You can go to

There needs to be space around furniture for people to move – such as space between the sofa and the coffee table and space around dining chairs. Don’t place chairs awkwardly in front of doors and entry ways. And don’t place large pieces in front of windows.

Think about how you can move furniture around to create a better use of the space. Go to if you want some more help and hints.

Home Styling and Decluttering

Yes, we now offer home styling and decluttering services so please Contact Us for more information.

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