When you maximize garage space you’ll find ways to store possessions and engage in activities you may have reserved for the house. The garage can be a neglected source of much needed extra space.

Because if there’s one thing that we homeowners complain about time and time again is not having enough room; both inside and outside the house. Even if we were convinced that a three bedroom property with a garden was more than enough when we sealed the purchase all those years ago, it could well be a very different story in the present day.

Having children, buying a pet, and simply accumulating items over the years all too often leads to a pretty messy, cluttered home. This can make the house a stressful environment in which to live, especially when you and your family are living on top of each other every day. It is usually at this point where we start browsing property websites and looking in the windows of estate agents on our way back from work – even though we SWORE that we weren’t going to move again.

But hold your horses, as you may not need to move to a bigger home at all. Before you even entertain the idea of upgrading your property to a larger model, ask yourself this: are you making the most of the space you have in your current home?

For example, the majority of properties these days come with a garage. What’s in yours right now? Here are a few ways you can maximize garage space and turn it into a much more useful space, for the benefit of everyone in your home!

Maximize Garage Space: Clear It Out

We humans are hoarders, and many of us are reluctant to throw anything away “just in case we need it one day”. This, however, is a dangerous mindset to have as we can often end up drowning under piles of items from decades ago. The garage is often where a lot of these items end up because it is largely separate to the rest of the home and thus, we forget about it. Make a conscious effort to clear out your garage of all the stuff you’ve been hiding in there – it will create space you never knew you had!

Make a conscious effort to clear out your garage of all the stuff you’ve been hiding in there. Have a yard sale, donate good quality items to charity, or just chuck stuff out. Be sensible and ruthless, and this will create space you never knew you had!

Maximize Garage Space: Make It Functional

Most people use garages to store their cars and outdoor tools. So, once you’ve cleared out all the junk, take some time to make your garage more functional. Now you can actually fit your car in there, invest in garage doors automation so you can open and shut it them on wintry days without having to leave your vehicle. As far as storing things go, utilize the walls as much as you can by installing shelves or even by making your own DIY tool rack. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a large sheet of pre-holed mdf and some dowling.

Maximize Garage Space: Transform It Into A Whole New Room

If you don’t own a car and you’re not really the gardening type, don’t fear: there are still ways you can get the most out of your garage. For example, why not treat it as an extension of your family home by turning it into a games room or a second living room? This can be really useful for when your children enter their teenage years and want a little more privacy with their friends.

Purchase some second-hand furniture or recycle and reupholster your own old furniture that’s been secretly lurking in your cluttered garage. Add a flat screen TV, pool table, and a microwave and you won’t have to worry about teenagers cluttering up your house ever again.

A coat of paint and new floor coverings needn’t be an expensive redecorating exercise and will make the space more user-friendly and comfortable.

Sure, you may need to add some heating and an extra entry door. But if you don’t mind having a big project on your hands, it is a great way to truly make the most of this spare space.

Rethink how to maximize garage space and turn a cluttered and dusty area into a highly useable extra room for storage and recreation.

Header image courtesy of Carolyn Reyes.