Are you interested in mastering the art of home maintenance? When many of us think of doing a spot of DIY, mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon or fixing a leaky tap, we feel like we are the kings and queens of home maintenance.

We might be a tad handy with a spanner, know our way around a flat pack and can spend hours savouring the joys of weeding the garden.

However, while you might be a dab hand at the small jobs and you can make a brief foray into the world of home maintenance, what about those larger jobs that keep your home from falling down?

We often neglect the more significant issues until they become costly to fix. Take a look at these three critical areas of your home that you should regularly be checking to ensure that you are mastering the art of home maintenance.

mastering the art of home maintenance

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The Roof

How many times do you look up to spy the tiles or slate or thatch protecting your home from the elements? The chances are not a lot. We have a perception that our house is strong and watertight.

While you are probably right, the roof on top of your humble abode will not last forever and does need regular upkeep. Pieces of slate and tiles are renowned for slipping after a spate of windy weather.

This isn’t a sign of poor workmanship and simply requires you heading up a ladder to put the offending tile back into place.

If you don’t do this ridiculously simple job, you may end up with a patchwork of slipped tiles leading to a leaky roof, patches of damp within the upstairs rooms of your pad and the dreaded black mould. Look up once every three months, and you will have a perfect roof to protect your home.

mastering the art of home maintenance

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The Windows

While many people swear by the energy efficiency of double glazing, it’s often not the glass itself that needs maintaining. It’s vital that you keep a check on the casements and frames that your glazing is mounted into. These can crack or warp if wooden.

They need protecting from the elements just like any other part of the exterior of your property. To enhance your control of the ventilation within your home, check out plantation shutters prices and adorn your facade with spectacular looking window furnishings that not only strengthen curb appeal but also increase the energy efficiency of your home.

mastering the art of home maintenance

The Boiler

In the twenty-first century, we come to rely on all our gadgets, gizmos and mod cons within the home. You may have a smart thermostat, Bluetooth connectivity, and faster wifi than you can shake a stick at.

However, you rely on nothing more than your humble workhorse of a boiler. If this bit of kit fails, you may have no hot water for washing and cooking and zero heating leading to potential damp developing and a freezing environment for those cooler months.

Once a year, ensure that you invest in a boiler service. This way, any issues can be resolved quickly, your boiler will be well maintained by a professional, and you won’t have a massive bill should anything go awry.


Keeping your home well maintained isn’t difficult. Focus on those important areas of your humble abode while mastering the art of home maintenance with a little learning.