If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make your campsite feel like home. There’s nothing wrong with Glamping so these clever tips really will have you thinking your campsite is just like home.

Who said camping should be rough and rugged? Whilst some would like to get the best out of nature and camp with just the basics, others prefer a campsite that could help them relax and be comfortable.

Glamping is even coined to mean camping with style and glamour. This in essence remains camping, but you get to enjoy hotel-like amenities like linens, hot meals prepared by chefs, and pillows. Whichever you prefer, a camping experience should be fun and give you a chance to catch up with family and friends.

make your campsite feel like home

Having your own RV or recreational vehicle will allow you to bring some of home’s comforts like a private bathroom. It will also get you privacy and enable you to cook food in your own mobile kitchen. It is not bad at all to bring your own amenities while going away into the wild.

If you decide to take matters into your hands and not rely on pre-arranged packages, here are a few tips on how to make your campsite feel like home.

1. Research and be prepared

Before going to your planned campsite, do research. If it has no website, personally call the campsite and know its rules. It is better to be aware ahead of time so you can prepare alternatives.

Ask about the amenities available on the site, so you will know what camping gear or equipment you need to bring to make your campsite feel like home.

Check them before you go camping. You don’t want to be stressed when you realise that the camping stove needs fuel and that the tent is too small.

2. Plan your meals

Good food always brings the family together. Being ready with the menu will help you plan the items you need to bring.

make your campsite feel like home

Arrive at the campsite early so you can pick the best spot. This will also ensure that you get plenty of time to set-up your RV or your tent.

3. Bring your own tables and chairs

Most campsites have tables and benches that you may use for free. Because they are exposed to rain and sun every day and are likely to be used daily, they may look dirty.

You may dress it up with a table cloth and a vase of flowers if you like. It is best, though, to bring your own table and chairs in case you cannot secure them at the camp.

make your campsite feel like home

Reclining chairs and rocking chairs are best for relaxation. Having your own chair allows you to move around near a campfire or get closer to others during a conversation.

To really make your campsite feel like home think of the items you have in your own outdoor garden space.

4. Have adequate lighting

Campsites would usually install lights along paths and high-traffic areas, but most of its parts will be covered in darkness at night. Although this is the perfect time to have camp fires, adequate lighting is still needed to ensure safety and security.

Some lanterns are too bright for small tents, so you may use a transparent container to diffuse it. Use a headlamp and just place it near a gallon of water with the light pointing towards the water.

make your campsite feel like home

A portable solar panel for camping can definitely cover all your lighting needs, so you no longer have to bring torches or use the battery of your RV.

A 100W solar panel can be connected to LED lights and lighting strands to keep your campsite illuminated. This will also allow you to charge your phone’s drained batteries and capture more moments with its camera the following day.

5. Bring out your creativity

Stepping stones, with glow-in-the-dark paint, will help you see where you are going at night. Whilst adequate lighting is mentioned in Tip #3, it is still best to bring stepping stones and place them in areas where you need to move around.

You may also create your own outside space that looks like a patio and add chairs and tables. Throw in pillows and blankets for the chilly morning to make it look cosy and inviting.

Put a rug in the doorway of your RV or tent. This will keep the dirt out and add a homey vibe to make your campsite feel like home… with a welcome buzz.

6. Add personalised touches

You may want to put up a welcome sign, outside décor, or holiday designs near your campsite. A welcome sign will make visitors and neighbours feel welcome. Remember to take safety precautions for fire and keep children away from it.

Look for a tree where you can place a hammock and relax. You can also add pillows and books to read and take a nap.

make your campsite feel like home

Set up your own portable speakers, so you can still listen to your favourite tunes while moving around the camp. Be aware that too loud music will spoil the serenity of the campsite.

Be considerate of other campers and animals in the forest.

You can make your own games or hold interesting activities with your family and friends. After all, camping is the perfect time to enjoy together. Keep the children busy.


When you want to make your campsite feel like home, it involves planning and teamwork. Everybody should do their share to make it fun and inviting. If you are looking for camping gear, solar panels, and even camping accessories like an inflatable spa that will add joy to your camping experience, visit Outbaxcamping.com and choose from an array of products that are ready for shipping.