With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to start racking your brains for gift ideas for the main man in your life. This year, Macho gifts are in.

Forget aftershave and socks, you should be looking for something that is a bit more woodchopper than suburban dad. But fret not, if that all sounds like a lot of hassle, check out my macho gifts guide for Father’s Day below.

Beard Oil

Ok, as we all know by now, beards are both seriously macho and seriously on trend. That a great thing when it’s come to Father’s Day because it means that you can treat the dad to a beard and mustache grooming product or two.

Beard oil is very popular right now as it softens and scents the beard. Go for a masculine scent like musk or sandalwood. Or how about some beard and mustache wax so he can get that tash into a perfect style? You can even get special beard sized combs, perfect for the mustachioed man on the go.

Adventure Day

If your Dad is less into his looks and more into adventure, then an experience day is a fantastic gift this Father’s Day. To keep it mucho macho steer clear of spa days and mani-pedis. Instead, go for something that is adrenaline filled like a shark cage experience, a racing car day, or a paintball session. Or how about something really out of the ordinary like flying a seaplane?

Macho Gifts Hamper

If your Dad is more of a foodie, then you are in luck, because there are a wealth of delicious macho gifts that will bring a smile to his face come Father’s Day.

How about make your own sausage kit or a brew your own beer kit? Or you could go for a deluxe gourmet macho hamper? Just In Time Gourmet can create a Father’s Day Hamper for you from a selection of products that include BBQ accessories and spicy sauces. So you know you will be getting the perfect mix.

Survival Course

Of course if you dad would rather catch is own food, than have it delivered in a hamper, why not treat him to the most macho of days, a survival course. Learn thrive in the wild by feeding off the land on these intensive courses. Not only do they deal with the bush skills you need to stay alive, but they also help you to build confidence and a sense of self-reliance. This is because they also teach the ethos behind the techniques. Then next time you go camping he can show off his new skills and catch you all dinner!

Plaid Shirt

Of course, some men are macho without feeling the need to go hunting. For these types try a fashionable statement of their masculinity. A plaid shirt is an excellent choice, especially in the traditional red and black or green and black. Then they get to look mainly in it, and keep warm without having to chop any wood at all!

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