The luxury real estate market will be dominated by more than a few distinctive trends in 2018.

The increased interest of investors in luxury real estate is a driving force behind innovative, high-end changes, ranging from state-of-the-art amenities and luxe design trends to exciting retail stores and lush hotels.

While new luxury real estate trends are coming to the forefront, some old ones are gaining an even more luxurious dimension. Here’s what you can expect to see on the luxury real estate market in 2018.


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Luxurious retail property

Retail property is a segment of luxury real estate that is definitely expected to thrive throughout the year. However, this very aspect will be defined by varied developments.

For example, as one of the most attractive features, luxe retail stores in downtown centres will continue to rise in number. When it comes to innovative changes, Apple has truly laid the foundation for a new type of store.

Namely, Apple has transformed the traditional retail store by deciding to open “town squares” with its global flagship store being located in Melbourne.

Having noticed that a great number of its customers enjoy spending time in its stores without necessarily buying anything, Apple decided to provide them with enjoyable, lush spaces where they can amuse themselves.

This unusual concept of department stores is gaining global proportions and will mark the year 2018.


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High-end amenities

The key to luxurious properties lies in the right high-end amenities that will definitely increase the level of sales on the market. In 2018, the amenity packages will be brought to a completely new level.

There are more than a few must-haves for high-end buildings in 2018, including pet spas, children’s gaming rooms, lobby stroller storage and simulated golf.

One of the most sought-after features will be luxurious swimming pools and all the amenities that come with it, such as skylights for indoor pools, hot and cold plunge pools, kids’ pools, etc.

Deluxe apartment buildings will need to include state-of-the-art parking garages equipped with electric car charging stations, porte-cochere and opulent designs.


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Luxe renovations and developments

The luxury real estate market will be seeing numerous high-end renovations, especially in Sydney and other parts of Australia. A great number of investors have been interested in hotel and leisure properties in Sydney due to their high demand.

This has led to an increasing amount of investments in luxurious hotels. However, the renovation trend will define Sydney’s luxury real estate market, with both local and foreign investors hiring reputable top Australian property developers to design residential properties in strategic locations.

Furthermore, old sites will undergo luxe renovations and be transformed into smaller boutique hotels in interesting places. For example, Shanghai-based Greenland Property Group has reinvented a large heritage commercial site from an office into a five-star boutique hotel.

Thus, the Australian luxury real estate will be marked by numerous transformations and developments that will bring extraordinarily luxe results.


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Smart homes

All things luxurious and technological will be welcomed in homes, reshaping the term “smart” in 2018. Something as simple as, for example, speakers will become much smarter this year owing to global giants, such as Apple, Google and Amazon.

Technological advances will be seen in every part of homes that will greatly become automated. Even kitchen ovens will be an example of ground-breaking developments, with the Miele Dialog Oven being under the spotlight.

This oven is designed to “listen” and “talk” to food based on a cooking method that uses radio frequency. This state-of-the-art oven comes with a high-tech cooker that has an extraordinary level of control over the cooking process and a great number of pre-programed recipes.


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Lush home design

Homes will gain a new aura of opulence owing to lush 2018 design trends. One such trend is the welcoming of modern maximalist style that is based on mixing and matching different patterns, colours, materials and designs that will give luxurious character to a space.

Elegant wallpapers featuring enticing designs will also be introduced to 2018 homes as a way of capturing the sophistication of luxurious boutique hotels.

The splendour of Art Deco will also elevate the design not only in luxe homes but also in commercial buildings. Not only will these trends style up modern homes, but they will also place them higher on the luxury real estate market.

The luxury real estate market will see numerous trends in 2018 that will transform traditional sites, tech up homes and bring luxe amenities to another level.

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