A luxury living room is a totally useable space for the entire family not just for special occasions or adults only events. Not anymore.

The luxury living room space is unquestionably the heart of any family home. It’s the communal area for daily interactions and serves as the ultimate venue for both entertainment and relaxation.

Therefore, if budget dictates there’s only one room where you can ignite a sense of luxury, this is the obvious winner.

However, there’s no need to overcomplicate the process. Use these simple tricks to complete your luxury living room transformation, and you’ll be enjoying the good life in no time. Here’s all you need to know.

luxury living room

Pale blue living room concept from Kolenik

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#1. Play With Light

By now, you probably know that increased natural light will make your living room look bigger. However, lighting can also be used to generate an increased sense of style and luxury.

Installing a dimmer switch for the ceiling light instantly puts you in control of setting the right mood. Meanwhile, chandeliers will inject class and style. Modern chandeliers can be big and impressive or small and charming. Even a cluster of three different sized pendant ‘chandeliers’ look gracious in a dark corner.

All rooms need different lighting combinations including table lamps and floor lamps. Combine ideas suitable for your needs and your luxury living room will take on a greater glow. Both literally and figuratively.

luxury living room

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#2. Have A Featured Wall

The walls don’t only serve a structural purpose. They set the overall atmosphere of the room, which is why color schemes are vital.

However, featured walls using stand out materials can create a far more attractive esthetic. Visit Beyond Stone to discover more about the possibilities and how it can improve your home.

Support the featured wall by adding a few fresh coats of paint to the other walls, and you’ll gain that luxury appeal in no time.

Don’t discount wallpaper. I love wallpaper as there are literally thousands of options from faux brick and forest scenes to textured flock velvet, colorful geometric, and wallpaper printed from your own art work.

Ask the interior design experts at Don’t Call Me Penny about using wallpaper for your next renovation or redecorating project.

luxury living room

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#3. Use The Walls Efficiently

It makes sense to keep the feature wall free from obstruction. However, the other walls can become a great weapon. The main reason for this is that they can help you create extra space.

Mounting a TV to the wall will instantly free up a little extra room. Moreover, it brings a modern touch of luxury with minimal effort.

Artwork can also be used to your advantage to inject style and character in one fell swoop. Easy.

luxury living room


#4. Get A Quality Rug

The choice between hard flooring and carpet is one that comes down to personal taste. In either scenario, though, a quality rug can inject fresh energy and make the room feel luxurious and comfortable.

Shaggy rugs from Harvey Norman are particularly good for hard floorings while carpets are often better suited to thinner rugs.

Some homeowners like to use one under a coffee table, but leaving it free will allow you to enjoy the full aesthetic appeal.

Add a designer finish to your luxury living room by placing a rug under the dining table. Ensure all the chair legs sit ON the rug at least when they are pushed in. Front legs should always sit on the rug even when chairs are being used. Otherwise, your rug will look too small.

See our article on How To Choose the Right Rug Everytime.

luxury living room

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#5. Have One Old Styled Accessory

Even if you don’t have any authentic antiques, injecting a slither of that atmosphere into your home can have a telling impact. For example, an old-style drinks trolley adds usable storage and a conversation piece to your luxury living room.

Find an old cart on eBay or buy a new piece from IKEA and spray paint it gold. Easy.

luxury living room

Gold with black and a touch of white is always luxurious. This is Paloma Gold from Legend Australia


Even in a contemporary living room, sculptures and stand out ornaments make a striking impression. Alternatively, a stylish armchair can bring similar levels of traditional style to the home.

If it adds a sense of function to the esthetic appeal, it’s got to be a winner. Best of all, incorporating this tip is almost as easy as tip four.

As such, even the laziest of homeowners can reap those rewards.

luxury living room

Don’t Call Me Penny. Faux fur and velvet will always add a luxury vibe to any room