Luxury bathroom decor can include luxe items from white marble and solid gold taps to 150 million year old quartz and diamond encrusted shower heads.

However, for us mere mortals a more accessible form of luxury bathroom decor has been released by Maison Valentina.

Creating a mood board is the perfect way to build a picture of the room you desire. Pinterest, magazine clippings, paint chips, and fabric samples will help with the design, patterns, textures, and products that will be perfect. Start with collecting images and samples of everything that inspires you. Keep an open mind and don’t try to edit  a mood board while you’re building it.

Pull in colours and textures even if they don’t appear to match right away. Remember, this is an ideas exercise to collate things you think you’d like or colours to which you are drawn. Put all your ideas together and THEN edit down the mood board to create the room that’s perfect for you.

To give you some European inspiration for luxury bathroom decor ideas in black and gold, Maison Valentina have created the epitome of luxury. Here’s a taste.



Luxury Bathroom Decor : Mood Board 1


Have you ever seen a bathroom inspired by the Metropolitan Musem of Art in NYC? Well, now you have. The ‘Metropolitan’ mood board is an elegant showcase of black with a touch of gold. It features a double washbasin and the Diamond Towel Rack, created to exquisitely interpret the modern consumer’s lust for exclusive decor. This bathroom has been designed using a nero marquina marble composite.


Luxury Bathroom Decor : Mood Board 2

What bathroom would be complete without a free-standing tub in which to soak. More bathrooms than ever are being designed with free-standing tubs, and Maison Valentina has gone the extra luxury mile – a bathtub surrounded by bubbles. The Newton Bathtub was featured on Don’t Call Me Penny in cream and gold. Here, the gold and black model is a futuristic inspiration paired with the Eden Towel Rack and stunning chandelier.


How do designers come up with ideas? Listen to some style podcasts and find out.



Luxury Bathroom Decor : Mood Board 3


“No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it” That was the design philosophy behind the Maison Valentina ‘Symphony Dressing Table’; a stunning & unique piece inspired by music. This dressing table is handcrafted from the finest matrials giving it genuine style, and an air of intriguing mystery and elegance.

Metals are gaining huge popular with brass, copper, gold, and bronze increasing in popularity. Adding metal elements to your bathroom in unison with marble and marble composites gives a luxurious, but cost-effective, result.


Luxury Bathroom Decor : Mood Board 4


Can you crochet a washbasin? Apparently, you can in the hands of the master craftsmen from Maison Valentina. Combining knitting techniques and Portuguese luxury furniture design, the ‘Crochet Washbasin’ is inspired by an old artisan method popular in 19th Century Europe. With a classic and timeless influence, the crochet washbasin is rich in texture and individuality.

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