Now that winter is taking hold, it’s a great time to stay inside, light the fire and watch movies all afternoon while it rains outside. Perfect.

And the perfect low-fat healthy snack is back. Popcorn! It’s a perennial favourite vintage snack food and friend of the movies. And now it’s even EASIER to make. And I’m NOT talking about high salt, high fat, pre-packaged microwavable popcorn that often contains high levels of additives and fake flavourings.

No, the Chef’n Pop Top Popcorn Popper prepares popcorn without using any fat enabling users to add their own flavourings. You can regulate your own low-fat healthy snack.

low-fat healthy snack

low-fat healthy snack

Corn kernels are placed in the base of the food-safe, high-heat-resistant silicone ‘origami’ pod and placed in the microwave. The corn ‘pops’ in minutes causing the folded leaves of the pod to open. It will make up to 10 cups of low-fat healthy snack popped corn at a time.

low-fat healthy snack

get poppin'

Once popped a little butter or salt can be added if desired or more adventurous toppings such as parmesan, chilli, chives, etc. Or sweet flavourings can be added such as caramel or honey. Added when the pop corn is hot the toppings can simply be tossed through. Importantly, the quantity of flavouring can be strictly controlled and additives or ‘fake’ flavours be avoided, creating a low-fat healthy snack that most people love!

low-fat healthy snackAs an example, a cup (25g) of butter flavour pre-packaged microwavable popcorn has a total of 126 calories (527kj) whereas the same quantity of air-popped corn (in the Chef’n PopTop Popper) with a little butter melted through has a total of 63 calories (264kj). And without the butter it has a mere 31 calories (130kj).

As a lover of salty ‘n sweet popcorn, the new Chef’n PopTop Popper will be a constant in my winter kitchen…in fact, any season is a good season for popcorn. The Chef’n PopTop Popper folds flat for easy storage, is dishwasher safe and totally re-useable. RRP is $42.95 from David Jones or all good kitchenware retailers.

low-fat healthy snack

Do you have a favourite low-fat healthy snack?

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