Of course you love interior design; you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. But do you live in a neighbourhood whereby your interior design is on display?

You love interior design concepts to enhance your home for you, your family, and your visitors. It is not for the enjoyment of people who walk past your home. However, if you live in a residential area, then you might have curious people looking in your windows, especially if there’s little space between your property and the footpath.

It’s not their fault: if your house is on display and looks good, people will naturally look! This, of course, can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. There are a few options for adding more privacy, and security, to your home to ensure only those who love interior design are your loved ones.

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Install A Fence or Stylish Wall

The simplest way to stop people looking in to your home is to remove the view altogether. Adding a fence (or a wall) is the easiest way to keep those prying eyes away.

You will likely have to get permission to put up a fence and there are various options – wood, metal, concrete, brick – or a combination so you don’t feel walled in. Consider how much light needs to still come through a fence.

If your home is very close to the foot path then an open metal fence may be the best option. This does provide more security than privacy but at least it lets in sunlight.

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Plant Trees and Shrubs

If you don’t like the idea of being completely penned in, then look at planting trees between your house and the footpath. There are a number of benefits for this.

For starter’s, trees are a great addition to any property, adding a natural feel that can be difficult to come by in urban areas. You’ll also be creating a space for wildlife to flourish right outside your house.

The view won’t be blocked entirely: people will still be able to see your home through gaps in the branches. However, it’ll be enough of a barrier – people will just walk past without giving your property a second thought.

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Add Privacy To The Windows

If you’re pretty content with the look and feel of your front garden, then you won’t want to disrupt that by building a fence or planting view-blocking trees. But then how do you stop people looking in?

It’s simple: let them look at your house, but offer them no view of the inside. You can do this by installing blinds, but that’ll may block out too much light, not to mention your view.

Instead, consider having tinted windows installed by a company like Premier Tint; you’ll save your view of the outside, all the while stopping people from looking in. You’ll be improving the appearance of your house, so people will still be looking, but not at anything that compromises your privacy.

Certain tinting film can also add insulation properties to your home that are almost as good as double glazing.

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Keep The Noise In, Out

As well as the visual aspects of your privacy, think about the sound too. Consider installing sound blockers and other things that’ll sound proof your home. This will stop noise from your home spilling out onto the street, and – just as importantly – keep outside noise from filtering into your home.

Follow the steps above, and you’ll always have your privacy in your home, no matter how many people pass by your property.

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